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101 Prefab

Everything you wanted to know about prefab but were afraid to ask! We've tapped the brain behind popular web resource FabPreFab to explain the birds and bees of manufactured housing.

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    An Introduction to Prefab

    The basic principle of prefab, whereby a home is fabricated in one location and then delivered to another, has been around for at least a few hundred years.

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    Pretty Fabulous

    In order to fairly evaluate the pros and cons of today’s prefab design, we broke it down according to various criteria. Here are just a few examples of the benefits prefab has to offer.

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    Taking Care of Business

    A look back through the history of prefab reveals a few failures that proved to be great opportunities for learning and improvement.

  • A house made of plywood panels, precut with joints and notches.

    The Big Easy

    Most prefab manufacturing facilities house loads of heavy machinery, but not every design must be constructed on the factory line.

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"Everything you wanted to know about prefab but were afraid to ask!" Hmm...well I want to know about prefab costs and I'm not afraid to ask. Simply telling me that prefab is "affordable" isn't much help. Is it Bill Gates affordable or Joe the Plumber affordable? Some facts would be nice.

I agree with the question, cost per square foot? I live in San Diego, CA, and about one year ago I did some research on this question. What I found was that prefab cost about the same as stick built. I could not find any advantage to going prefab over the normal stick built construction that is done typically in Southern Cal. I would love to see someone come out with a prefab house design that lowers the cost of home built by owner. Thank You!

Time is money... build from the ground up, and you will spend money on that time alone.. Prefab-it and you should see your house months and months before you would the conventional route.

Modular Prefab is running about 15%-25% less than site building in the CA market. Of course the final price tag will always depend on the architectural features of the home. The main issue that most consumers run into when trying to get to the bottom line is that there are components that have to be priced out (house+permits+site work+set+stitch=final price). Look for a "turnkey" solution on your first project. This will give you solid pricing. Also, look for a guarantee. I hope this helps. If you need any further tips feel free to drop me a line