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Fritz Hansen Stomps on Knockoffs

I've been thinking and learning a lot about furniture knockoffs recently—stay tuned to read the results in an upcoming issue—so this video from Fritz Hansen came at an opportune moment. The Danish company leads an aggressive campaign against knockoffs and counterfeits of their designs, identifying and destroying fakes, as seen in the image below.

Testing Strength on Knock-Off Furniture Video

This video (below) makes a compelling visual case for the durability and value of authentic design, versus flimsier and poorly constructed knockoffs. Of course, this isn't the way most of us treat our chairs, but presumably the lower quality shows through in other ways over time. I'd be interested to see another, more nuanced video that gets into that—that seems more relevant to most consumers. Though, admittedly, not as fun and dramatic to watch. Here's a Fritz Hansen dude stomping on knockoffs of the Series 7 chair till they snap in half... and showing what happens when he gives the same treatment to a 'real' model:

You might be interested to see this lovely and rather hypnotic video, silent except for a piano soundtrack, showing how the Series 7 chair is made. I was really drawn in to the minimalist black-and-white stylings: is your online home in the modern world. Join us as we follow our team around the globe on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Want more? Never miss another word of Dwell with our free iTunes app.


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