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Space-Efficient Renovation in New York

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The Unfolding Office

“A strategy of extreme density was required,” says Michael Chen of Normal Projects, 
who along with partner Kari Anderson handled the renovation of this Upper West Side apartment.

Eric Schneider and Michael Chen take in the space-efficient renovation.

Teacher and resident 
Eric Schneider’s 450-square-foot space needed to be able to accommodate individual areas for cooking, storage, sleeping, entertaining, and, of course, working—
without filling the diminutive abode with furniture, or eliciting claustrophobia by chopping it into tiny spaces.

The simple and elegant solution was to knock down most of the apartment’s walls, and concentrate all of the living space’s functionality—kitchen storage, closet, bar, bed, lighting, and office—into a single transformer-like cabinetry unit. The result is a livable and open space that functions like a 
much larger apartment and workspace.

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Amazing! Functional! Beautiful!

Where do those guys gay off at?

love it! one question: where are the TV accessories? my flat panel set up includes a tuner box, cable box, and dvd/dvr... i'd love to know where he has them.

It's not a flat screen, it's a desktop

Looks good.

But the ragged cut on the panel wall bespeaks particle board and poor workmanship.

The devil is in the details, as someone one said.

An unclutterer's dream. A clutterer's (me) nightmare lol.

On one hand I get the problem of living in a small space that needs to serve several different functions... but on the other hand, this is a total cop out! It's not that he managed to put together all these different functions in a elegant way and make it actually work in 450sq.ft... As much as I appreciate the ingenuity of this "all-in-one-box", I'm not sure it speaks of "home" as much as it does 'cold', 'modern' just feels indifferent, not home-like at all.

What type / brand couch is that? <3