Space-Efficient Renovation in New York

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The Unfolding Office

“A strategy of extreme density was required,” says Michael Chen of Normal Projects, 
who along with partner Kari Anderson handled the renovation of this Upper West Side apartment.

Unfolding House

Teacher and resident 
Eric Schneider’s 450-square-foot space needed to be able to accommodate individual areas for cooking, storage, sleeping, entertaining, and, of course, working—
without filling the diminutive abode with furniture, or eliciting claustrophobia by chopping it into tiny spaces.

The simple and elegant solution was to knock down most of the apartment’s walls, and concentrate all of the living space’s functionality—kitchen storage, closet, bar, bed, lighting, and office—into a single transformer-like cabinetry unit. The result is a livable and open space that functions like a 
much larger apartment and workspace.

home office 101 desk

101 Home Office

Work is work, but working from home is better, especially if you have the right setup.

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