Vintage Design on a Dime

We profiled The Vintage Bazaar, a pop-up market in Chicago started by Libby Alexander and Katherine Raz, as our October 2011 Design Finder. Here, Libby welcomes us into her home where she shares the story behind some of her favorite furnishings.

What happens when you’re inspired by vintage interiors and decor, but your budget is more on the frugal side? My house happens. A couple of my secrets to style on a dime are, number one, spend time equity instead of dollars and hunt for treasures at estate sales, thrift shops, and flea markets. Second tip is to make it yourself. Click through the slideshow to get a glimpse of a couple of my more successful DIY projects like the rustic sconce that I wired myself and my marble coffee table with concrete column legs that I mixed up in one afternoon for a cool 65 bucks. Enjoy!

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