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Eames Time Machine

To stand in the empty living room of Charles and Ray Eames’ Case Study House No. 8 in Pacific Palisades is to experience pure contemplation of the space. While its furnishings, some undergoing their own conservation, languish within LACMA’s Living in a Modern Way exhibition, the room is receiving a faithful restoration under the tutelage of the Eames Foundation. To celebrate and to help support this transformation, on Saturday, October 15, from 4–6 p.m., the Foundation is hosting Time Machine, a fundraiser for Foundation members and non-members alike ($200 and $250, respectively). Time Machine kicks off “Indoor Ecologies: the Evolution of the Eames House Living Room,” which will progress through the end of April, at which time the living room will be back in its entirety. With the exception of attending events such as this one, as per usual, visitors will be only able to view the house from the outside, so this is a rare opportunity to be inside the room. “We are inviting people to see the living room empty, because that’s how it looked when Charles and Ray moved in,” says Foundation chairman Eames Demetrios, who adds that he and other family members, as well as former Eames collaborators, will be among the guests. “To be in that space, in this moment of all this potential, is pretty powerful.”

Ray Eames in the Eames House living room, Christmas 1949. The couple moved in on Christmas Eve with very little and furnished the home slowly over the ensuing decades. Photo courtesy the Eames Foundation.

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