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Hotel Remota, Patagonia

In the vast plains of Patagonia stands the Hotel Remota. Architect Germán Del Sol, who is also a professor at the Universidad de Chile, wanted to conceal the luxury that awaits the traveler, "to lower the expectations, so its interior will appear unexpectedly in all its splendor." It’s all about the element of surprise—including the fact that even with its innovative design and lavish comforts, the hotel was built with a conscious effort to care for nature, striving to use minimal energy.   

The courtyard is an open, central space, overlooking mountains and glaciers across the water. The property, which borders the courtyard, is divided into three buildings connected by three wooden corridors. To the sides, one will find the guest rooms, while behind, the raised main building houses common spaces and amenities.

Ruta 9 Norte, km. 1.5, Huerto 279, Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
Tel: (56-2) 3871500
Doubles starting at $999 per night

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