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Emeryville Renovation: Part 3

In our latest Backstory series, we'll be previewing the loft renovation that is the featured My House in Dwell's November issue—our first-ever online sneak peek. Here, Emeryville, California architect Peter Benoit shares the process behind customizing the San Francisco Bay area loft he shares with his wife, Lynda. Check out Part 1: As it Was, Part 2: Drawings and Demolition, and now, Part 3: Construction.

Now that the demo was pretty much done, I started construction of the wood box. I decided that I was going to build it myself to save money on labor more than anything else.

I had a mandate from Lynda—as soon as I demolished the existing stair I had to make a new one within 48 hours, because she didn’t want to climb a ladder to get to her clothes. I had never built stairs before, but I did learn how to frame when I worked with a house builder for a summer when I was back in Massachusetts. This picture shows the first stair stringer— the structural support for each of the steps—being fabricated. I used a regular old framing square, skill saw, and hand saw to square up the cuts.

Pickup the November issue to see the results of the renovation!

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