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Chicken Chapel

Architect Keith Moskow grew up doing grunt construction work. His dad was a builder and after his first year of college, he helped build their family's summer home. "I was doing lowly work, but it was really good experience to think about architecture and building and how it goes together," Moskow says. A partner at Moskow Linn Architects for more than 20 years, he and cofounder Robert Linn decided it was time to help a new generation of designers. Earlier this year, they established Studio North, a design-build branch of their practice, and with five eager students, created and constructed the Chicken Chapel.

The idea to launch a design-build studio grew out of Moskow and Linn's experience building their own personal project, the Swamp Hut, in 2008. "You're always looking for that job that you can challenge yourself with," Moskow says. "We were our own clients so were able to do things outside the norm. It gave us the opportunity to experiment." For the students, it gave them the chance actually build one of their own designs. "It's something to add to their portfolio, and it was a chance to think about a design, draw it, and build it, which is a very good learning experience," Moskow says. is your online home in the modern world. Join us as we follow our team around the globe on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Want more? Never miss another word of Dwell with our free iTunes app.


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