Building the Maxon House: Week 26

In our latest Backstory series, Seattleite Lou Maxon recounts the thrills and trials of ditching the suburbs, buying property, and designing and building a modern house with Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. Week 26: Overview and Intermission

Six and a half months ago I introduced the Dwell audience to our project. Time flies. Four years ago we purchased land and the crazy journey began. In 26 weekly installments I've shared the good, the bad and the ugly with you in the hope that it inspires you to go and take a chance on that project you've always been dreaming of, whether it be a room remodel, house remodel, or a full-on start-from-scratch dream project.

This post and slideshow signifies the end of the first half of the series. It's a chance for me to step away and take a break from the weekly blog, and celebrate the milestone of finally receiving our building permit—and a chance for you to go back and read some of the past posts to catch up with our story. There's been a lot of photos shared, some behind-the-scenes video sneak-peeks into the project, some fun interviews with the different players involved and lots of heart-on-the-sleeve commentary from the trenches on what it takes to take on a project of this scale. I've enjoyed the comments (most of them) and questions. We've had a great number of Dwell readers continue to the conversation on our Facebook page and many visit the website for the documentary film series.

Both online platforms will continue and the Facebook page is a great way to stay connected to the project. During our halftime intermission we will be securing the final details of our construction loan, helping our kids transition into the school year and generally just taking a big sigh of relief as four years for us of preparation, permits, surveys, drawings, concepts, revisions, clearing, thinning, mitigation, wetland reviews, drainage studies, geotechnical drilling, hiccups, pleasant surprises and more have resulted in the end goal of getting the designs approved and green-lighted for the second half of the project: construction.

The Dwell editors have promised to let me come come back and share more stories when we break ground on the house. What took us four years to to achieve you've experienced at light speed in just 26 weeks. I encourage fans of the project to reach out via Facebook; we are more than happy to field questions and share further details about our project. Although we cannot promise to answer every question we will do our best.

I look forward to the moment that we can visually walk you through the finished project. Thank you all for the opportunity to share our story. We hope we've inspired some to take the plunge and others to start thinking about their own modern dreams.
Maxon Family

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