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Borrego Springs: McKenzie Residence

This spring, I had the chance to visit the tiny town of Borrego Springs in the middle of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in San Diego County, California. I was so taken with the place and its stunning mid-century design that I wanted to bring what I learned, and some of the people who taught it to me, to Dwell on Design. On Sunday, as part of an hour of programming about design in the desert, architectural historian Bill Lawrence and architect Trace Wilson took the stage to describe the place that means so much to them. In the course of their presentation, they showed a number of photos by an artist with a strong connection to Borrego Springs, Judy Parker. I want to share a handful of photos Parker took of one of the most inspiring houses I saw in Borrego, the McKenzie residence.

When I visited the McKenzie residence for a party it was approaching dusk. The entryway, which is separated from the main house by a stripe of a swimming pool, blocks the glassed-in house from the street. But here you get a glimpse in with the mountain looming in the background.

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