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One of the most exciting elements of any Dwell on Design is the home tours. We use the same curatorial eye that informs what you see in the pages of the magazine to select the dozen homes in and around Los Angeles that show up on our Westside and Eastside tours. For a preview of the Rome Residence by Fung+Blatt, which you can see on the Eastside Home Tour on June 25th, just read on. Then be sure to pick up your tickets here.

The residents of the recently constructed residence have shifted considerably, along with their requirements for the place. Yet the layout that Fung+Blatt designed for the artist couple who commisssioned the house works equally well for the family of four that supplanted them after just four months. Before they knew it the ground-level music studio with full-height doors had become a boy’s bedroom, and the painting studio, a guest bedroom.

What made this adaptation easy was a solid core, conventional materials and simple lines, activated with layering of interior views.  As Principal Michael Blatt puts it, essentially “we think what will the ruins look like, what are the parts that no one is going to change. If you design good spaces, people will use them no matter what their needs are.” The pair foresaw practical concerns while their clients were taken with sliding glass doors or fire pits.  You have to have foresight when designing a space, explains partner Alice Fung, “we tend to think much more long-term.”

For more images of the project, please visit the slideshow.

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