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Home Tour: Pearson Trent Residence

Last October we covered the lovely Pearson / Trent Residence by the Los Angeles firm Escher GuneWardena, and next month at Dwell on Design you'll get a chance to see it in person! One of six houses on the Westside Home Tour on June 18th, the Pearson Trent house is a gem of indoor-outdoor living and a not-to-be-missed stop on the first leg of our home tours. For a quick preview of what you'll see on the tour, take a look at this slideshow of photos by Noah Webb and get the inside scoop from the original article by Mimi Zeiger. Naturally there's far more to see on the Westside Home Tour than just this marvel, but if this doesn't whet your appetite, it's hard to know what will. Get your tickets here.

Streetside, foliage and a concrete wall by artist Evan Holloway camouflages Anthony Pearson and Ramona Trent’s low-key Mar Vista home.

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