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Inspiration via Instagram

One might say that Instagram is on the cusp of a tipping point: Their iPhone app is adding 130,000 new users a week, which is staggering for a company boasting only two employees. Though popular among design enthusiasts, some photographers may turn their nose up at Instagram; however, I find it very Warholian. Everyone with a phone can make art and put a unique treatment on the images they're documenting. The entire process—from shooting to processing to sharing—is easy and fun. I really like the Inkstagram website that creates images galleries of culled from Instagram. Sorted by hash tags, one can search for "modern", "design", "tattoos", or even "Saarinen" to yield an impressive array of inspirational imagery. Unlike traditional web searches for images using Google, these photos are new, user-created, and free of corporate stamp and photographer fuss. Check out some of the photos I found via Inkstagram along with the hash tag search that led to the discovery.

Note: Dwell is now sharing visual inspiration on Instagram—follow us under the username "dwellmagazine."

Found through a search for #clocks.

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