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Introducing Home Work

Hello, friends! Welcome to Home Work, a new column on We’ll be visiting artists, designers, and creatives you know and love and introducing you to some whom you haven’t yet met; checking out the latest—and greatest—DIY, crafting, and how-to books; and sharing projects large and small for you to take on along with us. My hope is that each post will ignite a little spark and inspire you to start something new, or give you an idea to add to something you’re already working on. First up: 'Tis the season for sending your love via holiday cards.

Many moons ago I bought a stamp-making kit on a whim and to date it has been one of the best, most satisfying purchases ever. Between all the random prints here and there, I’ve been meaning to make (and send! gotta send ‘em....) holiday cards forever. Finally, on this grey, rainy, cozy weekend in San Francisco, I up and went for it. In the time it took to watch a few films—I opted for an Alan Rickman holiday-double-feature of Die Hard followed by Love Actually—I had a stack of festive postcards printed and ready to post. Here’s what you'll need to do it yourself. Materials: -1 pencil with an eraser -1 transparency sheet -water-soluble block printing ink (a 1.25oz tube will work, in however many colors you’d like to use) -1 hard rubber brayer -A2 (4.25”x5.5”) notecards (I went for postcards because they’re cheaper to send than regular letters and you don’t have to futz around with an envelope, but you can, of course, use whatever you like) -1 linoleum cutter -a couple sheets of scrap paper -e-z cut printing block

Click through to the slideshow for a quick-and-easy way to stamp your very own.

Stay tuned for further make-and-do fun, including a sneak peek video for Meg Mateo Ilasco's brilliant book, Crafting a Creative Home, a little something special with the always-awesome Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop (whose chock-full-of-awesome book, Print Workshop, comes out Deember 28), and adventures in crocheting.

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