Introducing Home Work

Hello, friends! Welcome to Home Work, a new column on We’ll be visiting artists, designers, and creatives you know and love and introducing you to some whom you haven’t yet met; checking out the latest—and greatest—DIY, crafting, and how-to books; and sharing projects large and small for you to take on along with us. My hope is that each post will ignite a little spark and inspire you to start something new, or give you an idea to add to something you’re already working on. First up: 'Tis the season for sending your love via holiday cards.

Click through to the slideshow for a quick-and-easy way to stamp your very own.

Stay tuned for further make-and-do fun, including a sneak peek video for Meg Mateo Ilasco's brilliant book, Crafting a Creative Home, a little something special with the always-awesome Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop (whose chock-full-of-awesome book, Print Workshop, comes out Deember 28), and adventures in crocheting.

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