A Pantone Hotel for the Color-Obsessed

Pantone has been on a licensing kick for a while now—witness the Pantone chip mugs, messenger bags, cufflinks—but they recently unveiled their most ambitious project to date: the branded-but-tasteful Pantone Hotel, a seven-story, 59-room hotel in Brussels, designed by the Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert. Here's some colorful eye candy for you.

PantoneHotel checkin

In the lobby, visitors can check in at the Corian front desk, borrow bikes, lounge on the Moroso sofa, and buy the full range of 'Pantone Universe' products, including folding chairs (pictured below).

pantone bikes
PantoneHotel chairs

The ball-shaped Finn Stone chairs in the cafe, below, are made of recycled plastic.
PantoneHotel lobby

The lobby is a mix of various hues and color palettes.

Each of the hotel's seven floors are dedicated to a different color palette: 2718 c (blue); 7487 c (green); 7441 c (violet); 106 c (yellow); 1795 c (red); 4705 c (brown); and 1375 c (orange), pictured below.
PantoneHotel hall orange
PantoneHotel hall dots

The Pantone Hotel in Brussels was designed by Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert. Like the Pantone brand, the hotel is color-obsessed and the hues pop even more when placed over a white-walled background.

The rooms have white walls and white linens; the blankets and artwork provide bright pops of color.
PantoneHotel guestroom1
Bright mug and chair at Pantone hotel.

The rooms at the Pantone Hotel in Brussels feature white walls and linens accented with pops of classic Pantone colors in the form of blankets and artwork. Each of the hotel's seven floors are dedicated to a different color palette.

The beds are topped with backlit abstract photos by Belgian photographer Victor Levy; nearby are three Pantone chips that supply, according hotel representatives, "a PANTONE analysis of the primary, secondary and tertiary colors of the photo."
PantoneHotel guestroom3

Each of the hotel's seven floors are dedicated to a different color including blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, red and orange.

There's a bar on the rooftop terrace, and 360-degree views of the city.
One more reason I'm dying to go to Belgium...

PantoneHotel deck

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