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Nature/Data at Industry Gallery

On Saturday, Industry Gallery in Washington DC opened the show Nature/Data to showcase the work of the New York–based Italian architect and furniture designer Antonio Pio Saracino. Taking the intersection of natural forms and hi-tech manufacturing, Nature/Data reflects one of designs most promising current fascinations: channeling the structures found in nature through the latest in computer-aided design processes. The result, in Saracino's case, is a small cache of furniture that owes a clear debt to both ends of the nature-data continuum. Have a look at this slideshow comprised mainly of seating for a glimpse into what the future of your living room just might look like.The show runs through October 30th.

The Blossom Chair reacts to pressure when sat upon. The back and seat curl toward each other to envelop the sitter then spring back to their normal position when you get up. They are made from formed plywood and manufactured by Walter Sauer in New York. Photo courtesy of Industry Gallery.

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