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Scotland: Day 1

Hello from Scotland! I've had the rather good fortune to be invited for a bit of a design tour in Scotland, and I am reporting back on my first day and a half in Edinburgh. I got in midday yesterday and immediately set out for a ramble. Before I made it back to the Hotel Missoni (high design just a block off High Street!) I'd wandered several miles, through several neighborhoods, and headlong through several Scotch whiskies (Oban 14 and Bunnahabhain), pints of Dragontail Ale, a mean fish and chips and one poker tournament. I lost that tournament the moment I sat down. Today I took off with Frank Scott of Blue Badge Guides to get a good sense of the place architecturally. In the process I saw a castle where Mary Queen of Scots spent one of her last days, restaurants made from what used to be whisky storage, and Zaha Hadid's first completed building in the UK. Check out the slideshow for a glimpse of what I've seen.

The famed Edinburgh Castle is in the middle of town at the head of the Royal Mile. Here it is viewed from Castle Street from the north. It's on a massive mound that has served as such a perfect natural high ground that the castle has never been taken by force. The earliest remnants of it date it back to the 11th century.

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