Oakland Museum Preview

Last week I got a sneak preview of the Oakland Museum of California, a Kevin Roche-designed museum in Oakland that's set to reopen on Saturday, May 1st. Mark Cavagnero Associates has completed a light renovation of this wonderful bit of high Brutalism, adding more gallery space, a stronger sense of circulation and some canopies to shelter visitors from the elements as they move from space to space. Though the building itself is pretty remarkable, even more amazing is the rooftop garden designed by Dan Kiley. Covering 7.7 acres, this is maybe the nicest roof garden I've ever seen, a poem in modern landscape design. What's more, it's a city park accessible to all during museum hours. I'm embarassed to admit it was my first time over to the museum, but it was a wonderful trip and I'm excited to visit again. Have a look at this slideshow to see what I saw.



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