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Landscape of Infrastructure

Though museums and skyscrapers are often the comissions that catapult contemporary architects into the design stratosphere, increasingly we're seeing what was once the demesne of engineers (bridges, tram stations, airport terminals) taken up by architects. And The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure by Kelly Shannon and Marcel Smets (professors of urbanism at University of Leuven in Belgium) from the Dutch house NAi Publishers makes the case for architects continuing to work on everything from bike parking, to ferry terminals, to subterranean tunnels. The book certainly offers a glimpse at what starchitects like Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, and OMA have done for modern infrastructure, but takes wider questions about landscape, mobility, energy, and delight into account. All told, it's a fine addition to any design-lovers coffee table, especially if you've had enough Fallingwater. The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure is due out March 31st in the US.

The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure is due out on March 31st in the US and was written by Kelly Shannon and Marcel Smets, both professors in the Department of Architecture, Urbanism, and Planning at the University of Leuven in the Netherlands.

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