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I Swear to Good You are God at This

Finding design inspiration online is as easy as pointing and clicking but there's something special about the feel of bound paper. Design and creative consulting company Holiday Matinee founder Dave Brown has penned a 72-page book, I Swear to Good You are God at This, as "an inspiring guide to being creative and making awesome."

Holiday Matinee founder Dave Brown's book, I Swear to Good You are God at This, is on sale February 18.

The book (booklet, really, but bound paper nonetheless) presents 25 people and projects that Brown handpicked as exuding creativity and capable of inspiring people to be inventive (and often to put their efforts to work for the greater good). Each person or project is featured with a spread of color photos and description written by Brown. Though the words read a bit like personal journal notes, they do the job of explaining who the people are and why he thinks they're cool. Plus, there's a link on each spread (and a cumulative list on the back page) to see more of the artist or group's work.

Despite it's small size, I Swear To Good You are God at This packs a formidable punch. It delivers good design in a format that enhances its qualities and points you in the right direction for where to find more. The book goes on sale on February 18 but you can take a sneak peak at some of its pages in our slideshow.


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