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LA Tech-Habitat Home

Building for a client with specific desires can be difficult, but designing for one with few programming preferences can often be harder. Such was the case for a team of nine fifth-year students at Louisiana Tech University who teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to create a modern home in the traditional town of Ruston, Louisiana.

What would end up as a LEED silver home—the first of its kind in Northern Louisiana—started as an empty lot in need of significant work. The site wasn't the students' first choice but its close proximity to the center of town helped them garner extra LEED points. Photo courtesy of Jared Boudreaux and Tim Hayes.

The clients had two requirements: a porch in the back yard and a bedroom in the rear of the home. The rest was up to the students. The result was a LEED silver, 1,152-square-foot home built on a minimal budget with the help of local volunteers who donated their time and supplies to the team. 

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