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Bedroom Addition in Seattle

Growing families can quickly outgrow the homes purchased when the couple was just a twosome. In Seattle, Shed Architects designed a master suite addition for a family of five that was looking for a little extra space.

In 2006, Seattle couple Damon and Claudia Smith decided it was time to expand their home to match their family, which had grown to include three children and two dogs since they first bought the house in the mid-1990s. Their solution: Adding on what they've dubbed the "South-ender."

In the mid-1990s, Damon and Claudia Smith purchased a two-level, three-bedroom house, built in the 1920s, and restored it to liveable condition to make it their home. Over the next decade, they expanded the family to include three children and two dogs and in 2006, decided it was time for thir house to grow, too.

With the help of Seattle–based firm Shed Architects, the Smiths added a master suite--and got a covered outdoor dining space along with it.

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