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Mini Mania

During the holidays a friend sent me a link to these pendants of miniature classic mid-century modern chairs. The tiny metal necklaces include the Mies Barcelona chairs, Eames molded plywood, Saarinen tulip chairs, and more. There's regretfully little information on them, other than their spot in the online shop of their creators, Montreal-based Bruxe Design. Somehow, though, this discovery led me down a wormhole of miniatures and I found Mini Modern, an awe-inspiring blog dedicated to—you guessed it—modern miniatures.


The blog's author designs tiny scenes with her vast collection of tiny modern furniture, populating the settings with small dolls. This person is a serious collector and the site is worth a long scroll. There's also a list of links to modern miniature resources and dollhouses—more than I ever could have imagined existed. For some reason, miniatures are incredibly captivating and the blogroll is guaranteed to be a time-consuming exploration, with each site revealing more amazing thimble-size furniture and houses.


If you are a collector or creator of miniature modern designs, please send us some photos! This is addictive...


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