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When Pamela Butz and Jeffrey Klug, principals of Butz + Klug Architecture, began renovating the master bathroom of a nearly 120-year-old home in Brookline, Massachusetts, they made “all sorts of horrible discoveries,” Klug recalls. The floors were completely rotted, the structural elements had been compromised by previous plumbing jobs, and prior remodels had left the room in pieces. The toilet, sink, and shower were in one room, the tub was in another, and the two spaces, which also served as the guest bathroom, created traffic between the living room and master bedroom.

The leftmost cabinet above the Duravit bathtub (equipped with KWC fixtures) occupies the space where a doorway once lead into the living room, creating unnecessary traffic from the home’s public spaces through to the master bedroom.

The new bathroom features a minimal palette of white and teak. “It’s able to hold up on boat decks so is good for a bathroom,” Klug says. It also makes the heated floor that much nicer to walk on in the morning.

Photo by Eric Roth

Butz and Klug found a solution by uniting the bathroom pieces into 
a single space and adding a powder room to the living area, thus dividing the private and public parts of the house. The sliding shelves above the new Duravit tub are built into the wall where the door to the living room once stood. “The most challenging part,” Klug says, “was to achieve a level of simplicity that belies the complexity of the process.”

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