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Noe Valley Renovation

It's rare that in a resident-architect collaboration, the resident picks the more dramatic design scheme than the architect. But the homeowners of this recently renovated San Francisco Victorian, originally built in the early 1900s, "were pretty adventurous," says architect Bassel Samaha, of Samaha + Hart Architecture, the firm he runs with his wife, Heather Hart.

In 2006, when couple Barnaby Grist and Ellen Goldberg hired Bassel Samaha and Heather Hart, of Samaha + Hart Architecture, they came to the husband-wife design team with big plans. The couple wanted to keep the existing facade as well as the two rooms that flanked the front door true to their early-1900s design, but completely renovate the rest in a modern style. "They were pretty adventurous," Samaha recalls. "They wanted what was new to be really different."Photo courtesy of Samaha + Hart Architecture

Husband-wife team Barnaby Grist and Ellen Goldberg purchased the house in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood in 2004. Two years later, they approached Samaha and Hart with an ambitious idea: to keep the facade and two rooms inside that flanked the front door true to their early-1900s design but completely renovate the rest. The goal: to create a modern space that would take advantage of the views and enhance opportunities to gather guests at their home. "They wanted what was new to be really different," Samaha says.

Check out this slideshow of the home and the story of the design changes.

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