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Modern Vintage: 2241 House

Tres Birds Workshop design principal Mike Moore likes making people think. For the renovation of an over 80-year-old home in Boulder, Colorado, where his firm is located, he mixed modern and vintage, indoors and out, to keep the residents, and their guests, on their toes.

The 2241 House by Tres Birds Workshop Photo courtesy of Mike Moore/Tres Birds Workshop

From a salvaged door from the old Keebler cookie factory in Denver and refurbished oven next to the new poured-in-place concrete countertops in the kitchen to the garage-style doors that open the living room to an outdoor dining deck, the aesthetics of the 2241 House are unexpected yet unified. Click the yellow "Slideshow" button at the top right-hand corner of this post to read on and see more photos of the home.

The residents purchased this house in 2002 and immediately contacted Tres Birds Workshop design principal Mike Moore for an update on its 1923 design. "The house is in a historic neighborhood so you can't change anything that can be seen from the street," Moore says. After proving to permitters that the dramatic renovation would leave the street facade untouched, Moore’s team began construction in January 2003. The residents were moved in by Christmas. Photo courtesy of Mike Moore/Tres Birds Workshop

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