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Jim Starry on the Future of Travel

“We have to reconsider the basic structure of airports. If we land planes on an incline to assist in deceleration and have runways end on top of the terminals to eliminate the need for taxiing, we can save billions of gallons of fuel each day. It’s not that radical an idea. We can utilize the concept to make airports more efficient.”

Incheon International Airport in Seoul Korea

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    101 Airports

    Modern air travel is about far more than merely making it from point A to point B. The journey is the destination, and we take a look at airport design and how terminals are evolving: which innovations take flight and which are left grounded.

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Jim Starry is a brilliant inventor who has been working on designs for our planet for over 40 years. The time was yesterday to begin implementation of solar and wind power to replace our dependence on our precious Mother's resources. His airport design as well as his Starr Solar Wind Generator, water purification and automobile emissions designs are evidence that when we all make this available to the world we will cut global oil waste by over 10 billion gallons daily!!
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