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March 24, 2009

Now that "salvage" has as many connotations with environmental sensitivity, creativity, and resourcefulness as with the need to scrimp and save, showrooms formerly reserved for brand new furnishings have become stages for showing off the beauty of reclaimed materials. The new Urban Hardwoods store, which earlier this month opened San Francisco's thriving downtown design district, shows how gorgeous garbage-bound objects can become with the right touch.


Urban Hardwoods dining table in Chinese Elm
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Urban Hardwoods San Francisco store.
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Urban Hardwoods Seattle bench
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Urban Hardwoods dining table
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Urban Hardwoods Dining Table Chinese Elm
Urban Hardwoods dining table in Chinese Elm

Founded over a decade ago, Urban Hardwoods is a Seattle furniture company that specializes in salvaging trees felled due to disease and crafting them into beautiful furniture. The bulk of their stock is tables (dining, conference, coffee, console, and so on), but  they also craft beautiful benches and headboards. The wood, which includes beech, elm, walnut and more, comes from trees that grew in the Northwest United States in relative proximity to the company's headquarters, and the entire process—from saw milling to kiln drying to construction—takes place under one factory roof in Seattle.

Visit urbanhardwoods.com for a photo gallery of their factory and some of the final solid-wood pieces.\

Urban Hardwoods Seattle Bench
Urban Hardwoods Seattle bench

Urban Hardwoods San Francisco Store
Urban Hardwoods San Francisco store.

Urban Hardwoods Dining Table
Urban Hardwoods dining table





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