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The Work of Richard Neutra

A collection of stories and homes featuring the work of venerable Austrian American architect, Richard Neutra.

neutra 85 years

85 Years of Neutra Architecture

To celebrate 85 years of architecture courtesy of Richard Neutra and his architect son, Dion, who has kept the Neutra practice alive since his father’s death in 1970, a series of events took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, many at the Neutra-designed 1954 Eagle Rock Recreation Center.

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Reviving Neutra with Hive Living

We recently received a letter from a reader, Kristy Krone, after she read the article Hive Design in our September issue, which takes a peek at a rooftop apiary above a Toronto hotel. Krone, a recent graduate of California State University's Interior Design program, had been working on a hive of her own—this one for human habitation. She was kind enough to share the concept with Dwell readers.

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Neutra Territory

Richard Neutra's son Raymond examines the internal architecture of his legendary father through a 1958 Berkeley psychological study.

Overway Schiff House Richard Neutra Dining Room

Neutra's Overway-Schiff House

Ensconced in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco, the Schiff house was completed by Richard Neutra in 1938 for a pair of Berliners who wanted to move down the hill from Lombard Street. The occasion for the tour was a lecture sponsored by the San Francisco chapter of the AIA and featuring Neutra's son, Raymond, who wrote quite well about his father for Dwell in 2007. He walked us through his lauded father's career, biography, and thinking, and ended with an overview of the famed VDL compound in Los Angeles, where he grew up, his father and brother worked, and is now in something of a state of disrepair.