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Winter Warmers

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Baby, it's cold outside. We recommend slipping into something comfortable and spending time with these accessories designed to keep you cozy.

well-designed efficient room heaters

Dyson Hot Fan Heater


Slender and unobtrusive, this attractive little guy exudes a continuous jet of hot air that’s funneled through an ovoid aperture, dispersing warmth about the room quickly and efficiently.

Aeris fireplace by Federico Otero for Cocoon Fires

Aeris Fireplace

If there’s anything more inviting than a crackling blaze on a crisp eve, we’ve yet to find it. This stainless steel hanging hearth offers a sleek alternative to a floor-bound fireside.

T.B.T. radiator by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Tubes Radiatori

T.B.T Radiator

Radiators can be central heating’s ultimate eyesore. These tubes, however, streamline the system to a series of simple lines.

smart and energy-saving thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat


Rather than carelessly cranking up the heat, train Nest to learn your temperature preferences. The clever ther­mostat tracks usage, offering tips on how to save energy and money.

Twist rug by Dana Barnes for Souled Objected Collection

Twist Rug

Hardwood floors can give toes a cold and entirely inhospitable morning greeting. This woolly rug will soften the a.m. transition from sleep to stand.