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In Wine We Trust

We're great fans of the grape here at Dwell. Are you a fellow oenophile? Bookmark this page for handy reference. From wine accessories to wine glassware to wine storage and more (including a how-to for stocking your cellar!), we've got you covered.

Wine Breather Carafe, Menu

Wine Breather Carafe


Don’t be fooled by this seemingly simple-looking carafe—the Wine Breather has a few tricks up its sleeve. It holds an upside-down wine bottle in place as it drains, and its silicone seal functions as a funnel when you need to pour wine back into the bottle. Never fuss with extra gizmos again!


Hand-blown Champagne Glass by Zalto

Hand-blown Champagne Glass


Cheers to these elegantly hand-blown champagne glasses. And this renowned stemware, designed with one of the world's top sommeliers, is feather-light but incredibly strong.

Hand-blown White Wine Glass by Zalto

Hand-blown White Wine Glass


This bowl of glass is expertly hand-blown to precisely match the angles of the earth’s tilt. Designed with one of the world’s most respected sommeliers, this elegant stemware is lightweight yet durable.

Hand-blown glass by Zalto

Hand-Blown Burgundy Glass


This hand-blown glass has a generous bowl to allow your wine to breathe and develop. This is the ultimate glass for robust whites and light to medium-bodied reds, particularly Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.

Wine and Bar Winestopper by Aurelien Barbry for Normann Copenhagen

Cork Wine Stopper, Pourer

As more wineries are turning away from cork to seal their blends, Normann-Copenhagen is bringing the wine stopper back to its origins with a new set of corks made from, but of course, cork.

shatter-proof wine glass

Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses


These shatterproof wine glasses from Govino are sturdy, reusable, recyclable, and classy. Never drink your perfect picnic pinot from a corner store plastic cup again.

built corkscrew wine ratchet magnum

Wine Ratchet Magnum


Pull out all the corks with this heavy-duty weapon of a wine-bottle opener. The molded-zinc handle and menacing screw make this as functional as it is eye-catching.

How To: Stock Your Cellar

To aide in organizing and building your wine collection, here are five easy steps to cellar nirvana. Enjoy these wine cellar tips that will serve as a tool in helping you vary your bottle selections and always have the perfect wine on hand for any occasion.

Capuchine Decanter


Designed in SoHo but hand-thrown in Peru, this brown clay decanter is part of Jonathan Adler's Capuchine collection, which also includes four additional vessels in varying shapes and stripes.

Transglass Lidded Carafe

TranSglass Carafe


Crafted from recycled glass bottles, these carafes blend a smart sensibility with sustainable design principles. We love that the top doubles as a glass—perfect to keep bedside if you frequently become parched during the night. Each bottle is unique, so color and size varies.