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A Trivet Trove

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To protect and serve: the slogan of any good trivet. Make sure your prized tabletop doesn't become singed from fresh-out-of-the-oven casseroles nor soggy from a tasty chilled delight. This oft-overlooked kitchen accoutrement may spend most of its moments underneath a pot or kettle, but considering the wealth of eye-catching designs available, these trivets are worthy of outright display on their own.


Pescher Trivet


One fish, two fish, red fish…(well almost) will protect your table in Alessi's Pescher trivet. When not in use, it folds up to form a neat and tidy school ready to rise to the occasion the next time a hot plate comes a callin'.


Fish Trivet


Perfect for those with a penchant for the nautical, this nifty fish-shaped trivet is a surefire way to dress you dinner table in style.


Voila Trivet


The Voila Trivet by Eric Janssen for Merlo is a take off of a gas stovetop pattern and will ensure that oven to table doesn't result in scorched surfaces. We like the durable material used can take the heat most any kitchen doles out, up to 450 degrees.


Kula Trivet


Icelandic textile designer Bryndis Bolladottir's "Kula" trivets are handmade of local felted wool and will lend a craft-y, DIY-y feel to any tabletop—along with a soft, tactile feel.


Rainbow Trivet


Designed by Ding3000, the Rainbow trivet is an exercise in space-saving design. It neatly folds up into its namesake shape to help keep drawers tidy and opens up to become the perfect perch for pots or pans. The trivet comes is shades of grey, blue, and purple, though we're quite fond of the emerald green version.


Hexmat Trivet


This 100-percent wool felt trivet is an attractive array of interlocking triangles. In addition to protecting your prized pieces of furniture from hot kettles or casseroles, it also champions a noble cause: The Hexmat is handmade as part of a job-creation program for homeless women in Portland, Oregon.


Wood Trivet


What good is a fresh carafe of coffee if you have to travel back to the kitchen for a quick steamy top-up? These Montreal-made trivets will keep your hot pots conveniently within reach without scalding a telltale ring on the table.


Cork Trivet Set


Are you in hot pursuit of the perfect runner but cloth options just aren't quite robust enough to handle three meals a day at your house? These houndstooth trivets can take a steaming serving bowl or sweating pitcher of lemonade while looking darn good on your dining table. Arrange them in any way you please, or break up the set and use as coasters or place mats. Check out Mio's site for lots more fun and functional products.


Robot Puzzle Trivet Set


We love this little bit of bot decor from the Museum of Robots shop. You can use these six little guys (made from dark and light rimu wood)  individually as coasters, or let them join forces to become a sci-fi trivet, perfect for protecting your tabletop.


Map Trivets and Coasters

You might know your way around a stiff drink or a hot dish, but it's a good idea to make sure your coasters and trivets can navigate their way as well. These concrete pieces by Nobuhiro Sato and A + R Store offer a road map to good design, as the southern Caifornia shop's two locations serve as the focal points on a 1/1200 scale.