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The Internationals

From Singapore to Spain, join us on our globetrotting adventures in architecture with a bevy of slideshows and videos of several of this month's featured homes, plus selections of international favorites from issues past.

Modern home with multilayered facade

Building on a Shoestring in Singapore

Building on a shoestring is no mean feat in Singapore, especially when your home calls for a multilayered facade. Chang Architects, however, were more than up to the challenge.

four box house exterior portrait

Seoul, South Korea

When Seoul architect Byoung-soo Cho set out to design his urban dream house, he turned to the city’s architectural history for inspiration. The result—–four overlapping boxes arranged around a courtyard—–is a peaceful enclave in the midst of the nonstop metropolis.

destination sao paolo

Destination of the Week: São Paulo

To call São Paulo—the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest in the world—overwhelming is an understatement. To help you navigate this teeming megalopolis, we've pulled together some resources from for the design-minded traveler.

steven holl daeyang gallery house

Steven Holl's Daeyang Gallery and House on Film

In our May issue, we examine the connection between architecture and music in the work of expert architect Steven Holl. One of his latest projects, the Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul, South Korea, takes its inspiration from an obscure score by composer Istvan Anhalt and transforms it into a shimmering trio of pavilions rising out of a pool of water. Holl, at times unhappy with the static experience of architecture in a magazine or book, hired filmmakers Spirit of Space to make two films on the house—one a meditative tour and the other an interview. Don't miss our story in the June issue, and to whet your appetite, check out the videos here.