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Tick-Tock: 9 Modern Clock Designs

Keep dates in check with this handful of Dwell-approved modern clock designs.

modern perpetual calendars

Cubes Perpetual Calendar


A plastic rendition of classic wooden blocks, Cubes makes a splashy desktop addition. Its petite size keeps its bright colors from overtaking your workspace.

Modern wooden wall clock.

Pieces of Time Wall Clock

This wall clock is made of 12 pieces of ash wood, each with a different grain representing an hour, with blue hour and minute hands.

modern perpetual calendars

Calendario Bilancia


Move these wood strips side to side to align the date in the middle, but beware: They’re a bit wobbly and won’t stay completely parallel when left or right of center.

blomus era clock1

Era Wall Clock


Blomus's Era wall clock is essentially a pretty face—and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Caldera Wall Clock by Schmitt Design

Caldera Wall Clock


We’re digging the fresh contrast of this mod wall clock’s maple face and powder coated geometric frame. Sculpted steel markers give the effect of holding it all together.

modern perpetual calendars

Perpetual Calendar


Magnets rule! One sphere miraculously “floats” toward the month while the other slides along the horizontal rail to indicate the date.

pixel clock azambourg francois ligne roset

Pixel Clock


Ligne Roset's LED-lit Pixel clock recalls a time when life's simple pleasures—like sleeping in late—weren't seen as clear cause for alarm.

strike wall clock

Strike Wall Clock


Reclaimed materials are all the rage, but how many upcycled products can boast a past life in the bowling alley? CounterEvolution works with wood that used to line the lanes, and the result is a unique  collection of furniture, and products made from the extra scraps and bits left over in production. We like the look of this abstract Strike clock, and there's a lot more to choose from on the site.

Dada Pressed Glass Clock by Artecnica

Dada Pressed Glass Clock


While not quite as surrealistic as Dali’s clocks, this Dada Clock recalls the essence of dadaism—newness, modernity and iconoclasm. Designed by Tahmineh Javanbakht, the oblong-shaped enclosure magnifies and distorts an original Artecnica watch face.