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Things To Make and Do

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Assistant Editor Jordan Kushins: I’d love to make more time to make more things in the new year, and could definitely use a nudge or two in the right direction. DIY inspiration really is the gift that keeps on giving, so here’s a few projects and kits to kick off a creative renaissance.

Donna Wilson Make Your Own Monster Kit

Make Your Own Monster Kit


Scottish textile designer extraordinaire Donna Wilson does some pretty wonderful things with wool. Her site has a selection of blankets and little plush toys, along with this great Make Your Own Monster kit, which features a creature form, stuffing, and sew-on accessories.

Return To Me Auto

Return to Me Necklace


Return to Me’s high-design DIY necklace comes with your choice of silver or 24k gold plated piece, needlepoint needle, thread, and threader, plus practice templates and directions, then it’s up to you to design an awesome pattern that suits your style.

Kikkerland Pin hole Solargraphy Camera

Pin-hole Solargraphy Camera


Digital film has dramatically changed the point-and-shoot strategy, as there's not so much riding on every pic when you can take them ad infinitum. When's the last time you actually held a 4x6 glossy in your hand, though? It's been a while, and we love the idea of abandoning the instagram effects, putting together this pinhole camera, and taking our time taking out pics for a little change of pace.

Pancake Franks Letterpress Box set

Letterpress Box Set


How handy to have an all-occasion stash of notes to send for special events, or simply when inspiration strikes. Stacy Pancake, of San Francisco’s very own Pancake & Franks, has put together a fantastic box-set of 30 letterpress greetings that should last you through the year. What a great collection to keep in touch with pals!

Engrave Your Book

Engrave Your Book


The ubiquitous Moleskine gets a unique new identity with these very cool leather covers from Engrave Your Book. There’s an extensive selection of neat designs from artists around the globe, or you can send in an image of your own that will be etched on a customized cover. When you’ve filled a notebook, just transfer the cover to the next one you’re using; These will only get better looking with a little loving wear and tear.

Wooden Button Set ReForm School

Wooden Button Set


Billie and Tootie, the lovely owners of Silverlake’s ReForm School, have gathered together buttons from artisans around the world into this perfect little set. They come together in a little pouch, and would make awesome embellishments on a canvas bag, sweater, or displayed in a small bowl at home.