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Small Time: Pieces That Do Double Duty

What’s the best way to deal with limited space? Find furniture that does double duty—–whether it’s a rolling cart that becomes a prep station and then a makeshift dining table, or a roomy ottoman that offers seating as well as concealment for your sundries. We collected our favorite transformative pieces in an online-exclusive slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

The just-released Dress sofa, by designer Anna von Schewen.

Dress Sofa

The Dress, available as both an easy chair and a 2 seat sofa, can be upholstered in fabric or leather.

POD Brave Space Design Hollow End table

Hollow End Table


How handy to have a hollow end table, where magazines, books, and papers can live comfortably and conveniently right there when you need and want them. Brooklyn-based Brave Space Design has made this bamboo beauty that will make your living room a little cooler, and a lot more tidy. Double duty, everybody wins!

mobil kartell citterio

Mobil Side Table


First released in 2001, this mobile container system has a chromed-steel frame and comes in three finishes: semi-transparent, opaque and polished. It's available with two to six drawers, and it comes with or without handles. The different configurations can be supported on castors or fixed legs.

POD Amron Experimental Inc Off Light Switch

OFF Light Switch


Need a(nother) reminder to leave the lights off at home? Try this switch from designer Scott Amron, which doubles as a fully functioning hook. Hang your coat and keep your energy usage on the down low.

hecht sam industrial facility for establishedandsons table bench chair

Table, Bench, Chair

Drawing inspiration from psychologically programmed color patterns on the benches of the Toyko subway, Sam Hecht transformed a simple solid-oak plank with subtle structural cues of bent beech—creating a multitasking piece of furniture that suggests a multitude of uses without a strict agenda.

POD Adamick Chris TEST collective VOLUME

Volume Storage and Display Unit

The musical revoution has been digitized, sure, but no matter how many MP3s we download there will never, ever be anything better than the sweet sound of vinyl. Designer Chris Adamick appreciates the beauty of a Bob Dylan LP and the allure of a record by The Smiths; This bamboo-and-Corian media center allows you to put your favorite sleeves on display and keep your turntable on hand, ready to rock at a moment's notice.

POD dunk mug Dominic Skinner Mocha1

Dunk Mug


This ingenious mug handily brings together what is, perhaps, the greatest, most comforting, and perfectly delicious duo of our time: tea and biscuits. Eliminate the need for a pesky plate! Just stick your cookies beneath your brew and you're good to go.

HD = Tim Braun

Jens Bench


Benchwarming never looked better. Iconic designer Jens Risom has created a modern classic to match a chair and ottoman duo he introduced in 1949. Slide the cushion from left to right and a side-table emerges to make room for a magazine or cuppa tea.

Off The Wall pots Thelermont Hupton

Off the Wall Mini Flowerpots


If you don't have much floor or table space for plants, these colorful cubes would allow you to introduce some easy (and low maintenance) greens into your home; The powder-coated steel pots project at an angle from the wall, and are just the right size for a small succulent. Or, if you're not into growing, one would be perfect by the front door as a place to drop your keys. Available in the US at the brilliant A Plus R Store.

chadhaus vollen painted stool

Vollen Painted Stool

A simple shape and splash of color make this small stool from Seattle-based Chadhaus a surefire hit in pretty much any room of the house. It's made from locally sourced, sustainably harvested hardwood, and equally good for sitting, foot-resting, and keeping your book handy near the sofa when you get up to grab a sandwich from the kitchen.