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The Little Gadget that Could

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 A seated 12-course dinner may still exist in some corner of the universe, but our favorite kind of to-do is the one that keeps a host out of the kitchen. These gadgets take the work out of food prep, leaving more time to party.

cord-free juicer made out of chrome, steel and wood

Silver Art ZX800 Juicer


Decked out in chrome, steel, and wood, the cord-free juicer is equipped with a cone sized to press 1¼ quarts of any citrus fruit from lemon to grapefruit.

tonga salt pepper grinders

Tonga Electric Mills


These jaunty, tapered mills are designed for a comfortable grip on the exterior and a smooth grind on the interior, thanks to ceramic grindstones.

World's first see-through toaster

Magimix Vision Toaster


Though burned toast has its proponents, most people prefer a perfectly crisp, lightly browned slice. Cue the world’s first see-through toaster, designed for peeking.

simple, modern kitchen scale that comes in a dozen colors

Arti Kitchen Scale


Arti’s low-profile glass surface looks simple but weighs up to 15 pounds. It comes in a dozen colors, and the digital display is large enough to read across a countertop.

soda stream

SodaStream Source


SodaStream has been carbonating tap water since 1903 to the delight of seltzer devotees and plastic-bottle haters alike. Now, Yves Béhar has slimmed its profile and introduced three strengths of carbon bubbles.

easy to use at-home yogurt maker.

Yogurt Maker


This contraption may look like a Stormtrooper, but its mission is more benevolent: Add milk and starter cultures into the machine, and it whips up seven serving sizes of additive-free homemade yogurt.

modernized pour over coffee machine with a titanium-plated stainless steel filter

Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine


Cutting-edge baristas have been promoting a pour-over brewing method of late, and this machine brings it all home. The bonus? A titanium-plated, stainless steel filter eliminates the need for wasteful paper filters.