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Outdoor Tableware

The hour is nigh for alfresco dining, but there’s no reason to schlep that crystal decanter under the stars. Join us as we share our favorite unbreakable wares, from melamine dishes to reusable utensils.

Hot Plates Takhar Amrita imm Living

Hot Plates


Too hungry to take the time to heat up your leftovers? Pile these melamine plates high, and you can just pretend your food is coming straight off the gas cooker coils (turkey sandwiches taste better cold, anyway).



Parrot Pitcher

Last weekend, the little boy who lives next door set up a lemonade stand on the street, right outside our apartment. It was predictably adorable, and we gladly paid our 50 cents for a small cup of the tart-and-sweet stuff, which was predictably delicious. The pitcher he was using, however, was not so awesome: fussy spout with a difficult flip-top, unwieldy handle, awkward proportions. We would have loved to trade his less-than-stellar pourer with this sleek model designed by Hanna Werning for Sagaform, sure to eliminate some of the drips and spills. 

bambu cork bowl branch

Cork Bowl


LIghter than air and useful beyond belief, these cork bowls can hold any manner of sundries and can withstand a good drubbing as well. Clean up is a snap, too—all it takes is a little hot soapy water and good wipe down with a clean cloth.

joseph joseph salad bowl and servers

Salad Bowl and Servers


The Joseph Joseph wonder twins do it again with this serving set, which is just as functional out of doors as it is inside of them. Slender utensils, coupled with a handy hand-hold, make a blanket-side Caesar salad operation all the more spectacular.

yuento my hashi chopsticks all 2

My Hashi Chopsticks and Case


Plastic bottles are overtaking America's landfills but in In Japan, disposable chopsticks are being tossed at the rate of 250 billion sets per year. Wherever you reside, it's a great idea to get a reusable version. These colorful bamboo pairs from Yuen'to are easily tossed into your purse or bag when you're bringing your lunch to work, and the case doubles as a holder while you're eating. Pick yours up at LA's A+R Store.

vacuum jug white

Vacuum Jug

This jug is an oldie but a goodie, introduced by classic Danish tableware company Stelton in 1977. Designer Erik Magnussen's simple, silo-like shape holds hot and cold drinks with stylish aplomb, and comes available in practically any color you could dream of.

cylinda tray  moss

Cylinda Tray


Timeless, straightforward and lovely. Jacobsen created this tray as part of the Cylinda series in the late 1960s for Stelton. A worthwhile splurge for an artful piece that can do heavy lifting.

masu cup

Masu Cup


Not just for sake anymore--these handy little hinoki-wood guys can be used for everything from serving condiments to quaffing Tom Collinses.