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Materialism: Black Is Black

We all live in a material world, but it is especially true for Material ConneXion. The pioneering international material-database and consulting agency has an ever-expanding library of over 4,500 materials. We recruited their team to select a swath of state-of-the-art materials that could find their way into our homes.

xorel reptile embossed materialism

Xorel Embossed


Xorel withstands a million double rubs before showing signs of wear. Now the polyethylene yarn fabric can be hot-pressed with five embossed patterns.

jali sensitile materialism


Part Star Trek, part John Galliano, these mesmerizing polymer panels will bring a touch of bling to any environment.

riverstone black heart pebble materialism

Riverstone Black Heart

Silvery-black pebbles encased in a transparent resin remind us of Jennifer Lopez's movie The Cell—as though this could only exist in CGI.

anne kyyro quinn 3d materialism

3D Textiles

Wool felt takes on a new dimension, literally. The fluted patterns have been used for cushions, but could clad a whole room.