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Light Flight

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Domestic lighting is having a sculptural moment with designers eschewing accented shapes and materials in favor of surprising silhouettes. Put aside your task lamps, Edison bulbs, and cloth lampshades in favor of sleeker, more airy modes of illumination that use a light touch with heavy metals (bronze, brass) and new-fangled LED bulbs in place of their energy-gobbling cousin, the incandescent.


Cirkel Leaning Lamp

Unbalanced unless it's propped up against a vertical plane, the Cirkel is a modern hybrid of floor and wall lamps.

sculptural lighting products

SHY Light


This spare, modular chandelier's thin LED tubes define its 1970s throwback vibe.

Channel floor lamp by Rich, Brilliant, Willing

Channel Floor Lamp


Lightweight and powerful, the low-energy, high-
output Channel series is made of anodized aluminum and acrylic, hickory, and painted steel. 

Brass table lamp by David Chipperfield for Wastberg

Brass Table Lamp


Chipperfield's brass table lamp encapsulates the architect's luxe and streamlined vision with no visible joints and minimal directional movement.

sculptural lighting products

Terracotta Pendants


Tactile and organic, these handmade pendants combine the neutral tones of kiln-fired terra-cotta with a shiny, white porcelain glaze.

Endless hanging light by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill.



Inspired by the 1970s Supergraphics aesthetic, this modular hanging system comprised of half-cylinder sections comes with three or five pieces that can be joined back to back or end to end.

Moolin lamps by lasfera.


Up-and-coming Beijing studio, Lasfera, designed the Moolin lamps using a traditional Chinese method of heating and bending recyclable bamboo strips

Les Fine lamps by Goodbye Edison.

Les Fine Lamps

An aluminium diffuser teetering on an attenuated steel base holds superslim LED lightbulbs and defies traditional desk lamp logic.

005 Collection light by Naama Hofman.

005 Collection

A light-emitting acrylic tube contains 180 LEDs, which mimic old-school fluorescent bulbs with less eye strain and better energy efficiency.

Copper lamp 10 KG by Tobias Seiber and Samuel Treindl.

Copper Lamp 10Kg

Both sturdy and whimsical, the copper lamp is a tongue-in-cheek way to collect a full ten kilograms of metal deposits as a long-term investment.


Yumi Floor Lamp


Both delicate and strong, the Yumi (which means “bow” in Japanese) is architect Shigeru Ban’s minimalist interpretation of the ancient weapon.

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