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Bottles of wine will enliven an evening, but the cheer they bring is short-lived. Show your hostess you care with these helpful gifts that have a longer finish than any Burgundy.

host salt cellar philip bro ludvigsen

Twist Salt Cellar


Spice up the nibbles on hand with this take on the salt cellar, a traditional housewarming gift.

host diana mini camera

Diana Mini


Document the evening’s progressively more festive events with a classic toy camera. Don’t forget a roll of film!

jensen ole normann copenhagen dust pan broom

Dustpan and Broom


Dustpans are often relegated to the kitchen's darkest corners, but not without good reason; The old, rusty-and-crusty metal versions can get caked with crud pretty quickly. Ole Jensen's bight polypropelene not only looks nicer—a simple piece of flat plastic with a small beech-and-natural-bristle brush—but works better too, flexible enough to bend and fold to help grab up household dirt. Plus, you can hang it on the wall for easy access.

host sagaform barware

Club Barware


Scroogedriver, anyone? Let guests  show off their shaking skills by concocting holiday cocktails.

host brew kit

Double Brew Kit


For hosts who prefer strange brews to mixed drinks, this DIY kit lets them make their own suds.