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Go Go Gadgets

How do you begin to reduce your carbon footprint if you don’t have any idea how much carbon you use? Fret not. We took the liberty of culling a couple energy-saving devices and geegaws. Take a gander and add any that we may have missed.

Electrolux Washer and Dryer


Bold colors are in for big appliances at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year, and this eye-catching kelly green pair from Electrolux just might brighten the prospect of doing your chores at home. It's an energy efficient smart set with IQ-Touch Controls and a laundry list of cool features, including an 18-minute wash and 18-minute dry cycle.

hymini fan



HYmini is a handheld universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power / solar power and conventional wall plug power to recharge digital gadgets.It stores energy collected from a wall plug, renewable DC input, wind and sun.




This little genius screws atop any plastic bottle, and it features an adjustable head so you can create any level of mood lighting you so wish. Just leave it in direct sun for three or four hours, and you'll enjoy up to five hours of uninterrupted LED illumination.

boost box garden

Boost Boxes


These days, it seems like everyone is busy saving the world. Using recycled, sustainably sourced materials is de rigeur for designers and manufacturers as consumers are becoming savvier about the importance of product pedigree. There’s a disconnect, however, between the standards we hold our purchases to and the ones to which we keep ourselves accountable (hands up if you’ve switched out every incandescent in your house for an LED). Common sense seems to be superseded by, at best, confusion over where to begin and what to buy and, at worst, apathy.