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Glass Act

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Whether turned out as decorative vases or beautifully put to use as serving ware, glass is one of our favorite materials. Here, a selection of some of our favorite glass products.

Borosilicate Espresso Cup by CB2

Borosilicate Espresso Cup


Borosilicate is the same type of glass used in chemistry beakers. The cup is lightweight and affordable, but the single-walled glass doesn’t offer much protection from heat.

Socks Rolled Down Flute, Marimekko

Socks Rolled Down Flute


This unexpected form is less precious than its blue-blood fluted counterpart. Plus, it comes in pale orange, green, turquoise, and clear.

Bottle and Kishu Binchotan by Sort of Coal

Bottle and Kishu Binchotan


The modern bottle meets nature’s original water purifier. Elegant enough for a dinner party, this bottle and white charcoal stick—known in the Japanese as kishu binchotan—transform ordinary tap water into mineral-rich H2O.

Glass Teapot with Infuser by Menu

Glass Teapot with Infuser


With its East-meets-West inspiration and transparent construction, this glass teapot takes your afternoon cup from Downton Abbey to downtown.

Swarovski Crystal Paperweight by Gaia & Gino

Swarovski Crystal Paperweight


This luxe crystal puzzle with Swarovski elements is created by making repeated linear cuts into a cube of glass. The result is a stunning, playful object that could be displayed on any desk or tabletop proudly.

architectmade springglasses

ArchitectMade Spring Drinking Glasses



TheArchitectMade Spring Drinking Glasses are handmade from high quality glass following the design of Danish architect Jørn Utzon, architect of the Sydney Opera House. The versatile design of the glasses makes them great for serving water, cocktails, or anything else.

Colored glass dishes by Tora Urup



Glassblower Tora Urup is part of the 2012 lineup at Danish Crafts, an organization known for spotting up-and-coming talent. Her colored glass dishes hold a single wick.

Slumped glass vases

Slumped Vases


Known for creating pieces that blur the line between functional design and art, designers Andi Kovel and Justin Parker's Slump Vases for Esque are colorful, memorable, and just plain fun to use. The vases come in 12" ($348), 14" ($598), and 18" ($898) sizes, and a range of colors including blue, fuschia, and orange (we are partial to the orange—imagine it holding blooms of varying shades of orange and yellow, or, for contrast, filled with emerald green foliage like salal). Made to order, by hand, in Portland, Oregon.