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Gifts for the Audiophile

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Brothers, boyfriends, dads, and roommates: with music as a common denominator, gift-giving should be a breeze. Whittling it all down seems daunting (there are, by my last count, 12,401 headphone models on the open market) until you factor in a rigorous design sensibility, and voila! Read 'em and weep, fellas.


Speak-er Desktop Speakers


Desktop speakers aren't known for their high aesthetic factor; luckily, designers like music, too, and are working to jazz up the littles boxes of sound.

rough trade albums

Rough Trade Album-of-the-Month


London's Rough Trade pioneered the music-as-retail strategy, so trust that this isn't your average CD subscription service. A 3-, 6-, or 12-month membership locks down the must-hear album of the moment plus bonus goodies that you can probably sell on eBay someday.

NPR radio

NPR Radio


The NPR radio connects via wireless to over 20,000 internet radio stations across the globe, and a portion of the price tag goes right to the beloved non-profit radio station.

tristan perich

1-Bit Symphony


When the compact disc case is the audio player: Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony is catnip to ambient music fans, tech nerds, and design aficionados alike. The five-movement symphony is played on a single microchip and a hand-made circuit inside a jewel box.

ultrasone headphones

Edition 10 Headphones


Yes, there is a pair of headphones that costs as much as a home audio system. The price of the limited-edition Ultrasone Edition 10 is only slightly justified by the fact that only 2,010 pairs of the Ethiopian sheepskin-trimmed cans were made.

fools gold aiaiai headphones

TMA-1 DJ Headphones


If you can't live with yourself for gifting almost $3K worth of headphone, these limited-edition ear speakers were designed with the help of indie record label Fool's Gold.