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Get Out!

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The sun is shining; birds are chirping; it's too darn hot inside, so go ahead and make yourself comfortable with these backyard accessories.

Bob armchair by Hella Jongerius for Kettal

Bob Armchair

Designer Hella Jongerius delights in often unexpected combinations and contrasts of material choices. As such, it's no surprise that the Dutch master craftswoman complimented this aluminum-and-polyester seat with yarn wound around the armrests.

Trennza Side Chair

Trennza Side Chair

In the backyard it's stationary, but the steel frame of this outdoor side chair was initially developed for the rough-and-tumble world of automotives.

fireplace, grill, outdoor

Mangiafuoco Fireplace

Anyone fond of putting flame to food will appreciate the appeal of this fire eater. Pile wood up high for a roaring fire or place the accompanying grill over the kindling and throw some steaks on it.

Martini Table1

Martini Table

No, it's not an oversize, upturned barbell, but yes, this molded plastic table is just as indestructible.

Sanak Ji Water Table1

The Sanak-ji Water Table


Kids can splash with abandon in the summer, and when the weather turns, parents can store small toys in the (empty) water bowl under a custom birch-wood cover.


Flat Sofa1

Flat Sofa


Though it looks near-ethereal in white, this poolside-ready sofa consists of solid thermo-laquered aluminum and surprisingly supple polyethylene.

Racer Sidecar Table1

Racer Sidecar Table


Would you believe this sleek side table started out as a pile of milk jugs? Postconsumer, industrial high-density polyethylene looks so much better when it's holding your lemonade, not holed up in a landfill.

Emu Pattern Seating1

Emu Pattern Seating


Spill on it. Stack it. Leave it out in the rain. This hexagonally embellished seat is made from a single piece of steel designed to effortlessly weather whatever elements your backyard has to offer.

Tie 1 On Sectional Pieces Sofa1

Tie-1-On Sectional Pieces


We choose to take the name of this soft-and-squishy sofa set literally and figuratively. It takes a simple knot to join the pliant units together, and why, yes, thank you, we'd love a cold Bud once we're comfortably reclining.