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Editors' Picks Products

Editors' Picks Products

Here and There by Christopher Roy

Here and There


Christopher Roy’s layered “Why Not Bespoke” furniture combines a European dose of industrial design whimsy—he is British—with traditional American forms, all made to order in Sarasota, Florida.

Rack of Coats by Plywood Office

Rack of Coats


Assembled in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago using a steam bending technique, this combo coat rack–side table is a smart, space-saving solution for an entryway.

Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio

Modern Record Console


Reviving the hi-fi console typology so popular in the 1950s, this brand-new company of off-duty architects makes stereo furniture to order in its Hudson Valley, New York, studio. Symbol also offers a smaller tabletop hi-fi.

Clip Tree by Matthew Plumstead

Clip Tree


Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate Matthew Plumstead made his debut at ICFF with his configurable wood valet, kitted out with clip-on rubber hooks, shelves, and widgets for holding domestic detritus.

Bound Mirror by Grain

Bound Mirror


Two RISD-trained designers based on a small island outside Seattle hand-wrap their precision-cut mirrors with hemp twine around a border of FSC-certified Baltic birch plywood.

Array Pendant by Bend

Array Pendant


A new silhouette in Bend’s Los Angeles–made, spot-welded oeuvre is an iron lighting fixture whose name alludes to the mathematical term meaning “an orderly arrangement of slanted lines.”

Block Chair by Sitskie Design Studio

Block Chair


Riffing on the concept behind a pin-impression toy, the Los Angeles designer Adam Friedman came up with a seat whose solid walnut blocks conform to the sitter’s body thanks to the foam padding underneath them.

Aspect Pendants by Schmitt Design

Aspect Pendants


Sacramento-based Schmitt Design slip-cast two pendant light silhouettes—slender and squat—in translucent porcelain that, when turned on, emit a warm glow. Fabric-wrapped cords come in three colors.

Poet Stool by Misewell

Poet Stool


Made in Milwaukee from locally harvested walnut and assembled with old-school mortise and tenon joints, Misewell’s Poet Stool keeps it current with powder-coated recycled steel footrests.

Wrapped Light by Matt Gagnon Studio

Wrapped Light


This overhead lamp stems from Los Angeles designer Matt Gagnon’s fascination with open-truss roof structures and the intimate interior space they create. Here, wool yarn wrapped around the inside of a poplar frame contrasts with the crisp cotton rope on the exterior.

Buendia Pillow by Inigo Elizalde

Buendia, Libertad, and Roxas Pillows


Inigo Elizalde’s woven dhurries are hand-knotted in Nepal, but he’s deconstructed a few of his boldest patterns into a collection of pillows, all printed in North Carolina and sewn in New York City.

Ada Quilt by Meg Callahan for MatterMade

Ada Quilt


Inspired by vernacular traditions, Providence-based Meg Callahan used a very contemporary production technique, digital printing, to make this seemingly quilted blanket for Matter’s in-house line.

High 'n Dry Cargo Net by Best Made Company

High 'n Dry Cargo Net


Developed in Rhode Island by a rope expert, the cargo net is sturdy yet lightweight, ideal for use in a kitchen or a canoe and weighing in at only five ounces.

Algedi Table by Iacoli & McAllister

Algedi Table


What began as one-offs morphed into the Seattle studio’s first in-house collection, which debuted this spring at ICFF. Pieces like this marble-topped table with copper legs exude a relaxed West Coast vibe.

After Chinterwink Wallpaper by Juju Papers

After Chinterwink Wallpaper


Oregon-based Juju Papers prints all of its wallpaper with water-based inks on sustainably harvested paper. The patterns are folk art–inspired, but the colors are strictly au courant, like the neon orange (Pantone 805U) shown here in the “Sunset” combination.

modern bike accessories

S-Works Prevail Helmet


Specialized outfits its sponsored Tour de France cyclists with these to careen through the French countryside and alpine hills—and the price reflects that. The Prevail is lightweight and well ventilated so your forehead won’t sport a telltale red mark after wearing it—good to note if early meetings are on your agenda.

Kilim-style wool rug from Nani Marquina

Medina Rug

Kilim-style wool rugs from Barcelona's Nani Marquina allude to Spain's Moorish past. Their black and white geometric patterns and bands of color are woven by hand in Pakistan.

Naoto Fukasawa pen hanko stamp

Red Pen with Stamp


Industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa translated the Japanese tradition of Hanko—individual stamps used in place of a personal signature—into these plastic and steel pens. Super simple and super useful, they allow you to leave your super normal mark on any piece of paper you encounter. The Shop at Cooper-Hewitt is offering the red ballpoint with three different hanko: heart, asterisk, and pointing finger (pictured).

Julian Scarf Wintercheck Factory

Julian Scarf


Multi-functional fashion at its very best. If you tend to pile way too much in your bag (or pockets) when you're walking out the door, this scarf would be a brilliant way to hang on to a couple bucks, a scrap of paper and a pencil, and a phone—or whatever you deem your basic essentials. Comes in a bunch of different plaids, all equally awesome, and a great price for some stylish autumn warmth.

Tie 1 On Sectional Pieces Sofa1

Tie-1-On Sectional Pieces


We choose to take the name of this soft-and-squishy sofa set literally and figuratively. It takes a simple knot to join the pliant units together, and why, yes, thank you, we'd love a cold Bud once we're comfortably reclining.

Pink and white modern wood and stoneware vases

Wood and Stoneware Vases


"The brutal shape and bright pink of these vases remind me of Ettore Sottsass, a designer whom I've been a fan of since I was a kid growing up in Ashburnham, Massachusetts."—Designer Charles De Lisle.

bagis headphones 1

Bagis Headphones


They look great. They sound great. They come in loads of cool colors. These rubber minis easily stow away in your pocket when not in use. Win-win-win-win.

ikea jansjo table lamp

Jansjö Work Lamp


Our epic quest for an inexpensive bedside lamp has led us, perhaps predictably, in a roundabout route right back to Ikea (which is right where we started). This slim Jansjö comes in a kicky pink (as well as red, black, and silver), uses LEDs, and has a slight 5" diameter base which would slip in nicely with all the clutter that will surround it. Is it cute enough to win out in the great showdown against Lykta, which we have been eyeing for ages? Only a Saturday trip to the Swedish superstore—and an on-the-spot decision—will tell.

well hung mhy pendant



The aluminum shade of Muuto's Mhy is hand made-and-painted. We were taken with the bold purple hue, but the fixture is also offered in yellow, green, white, black, and red for a mix-and-matchable cluster.

unison martin bedding lilac

Martin Bedding


Cure your color blues with our Martin bedding. Choose from invigorating citrus, fresh lilac or bright sky blue.

POD Popham Design Tiles hexarrow

Hex Arrow Tiles

Handmade in Morocco from locally sourced materials using a traditional, 150-year-old technique, these encaustic cement tiles from Popham Design are durable and non-toxic. We love the bright kelly green and bold hexagonal patterning, and be sure to check out their site for additional (and equally striking) colors and designs.

Nesting Tables

Designer Paui Loebach introduced these nesting tables at Salone Satellite in Milan and Areaware picked them up for production, presenting them at ICFF as part of their new 2009 collection. We think those sharp shades of green are positively brilliant, and just right to perk up any room of the house.

pushpull rolling toy kaiku wagon

PushPull Rolling Toy


PushPull provides the perfect accompaniment for the epic trek from playroom to bedroom. The Baltic birch roller is sturdy enough to tote a teddy bear, rubber ball, The Runaway Bunny, and straggling toys along the way.

mod world november william day bed green

William Day Bed

We wonder whether placing a single pea between the layered legume-green cushions of this minimal day bed would reveal fairy-tale royalty.

POD Elsa and Sam Cylinder

Porcelain Cylinder


This slip cast porcelain cylinder is 8 3/8" tall, 5" diameter, and weighs almost two and a half pounds, sturdy enough to handle even the thickest stemmed buds that you stick inside. Elsa + Sam's sweet online shop has this piece and more ceramics to stoke your dishlust.

urban outfitters bike bell

Oversized Bike Bell


We're new to the numerous joys of biking around town—a recently purchased cycle is the first we've owned in years—but boy is it a blast taking to the streets on two wheels. This oversized bell won't do much to streamline your ride, but it's bright and cheery and would be fun to jingle at folks as you're zooming past. 

Orange Burst clock chroma lab

Orange Burst Clock


Waking up is hard to do. Running late is no fun. Looking up to realize you just watched a few too many episodes of Downton Abby is a little disconcerting. But the sting of these time-based quandaries can be quelled with a look at this bright geometric sunburst of a plywood clock, made by Chroma Lab.

Citrus juicer orange

Citrange Orange Squeezer


Summer's come early to San Francisco! It's beautiful and bright and warm outside, ideal weather for sipping on a sweet and refreshing beverage. And what's better than a tall glass of just-squeezed citrus? That's right, people.... Not much. This clever piece from Dutch kitchen masters Royal VKB makes juicing a breeze; Simply set it directly on your cup and go to town (it even filters out the seeds!). Order one from LA's A+R Store.

pilotto ignacio imm living rainy day cloud bank

Rainy Day Piggy Bank


Mom (or your banker) may have always told you to save for a rainy day—good advice—but sticking money under the mattress is so passe. Argentinian designer Ignacio Pilotto has given you a visual cue to stash your change with this ceramic dark cloud; it's got a plug down below so you can easily make it rain pennies from heaven. Buy yours from the MCA Store.

timbuk2 beer candy bottle opener 1

Beer Candy Bottle Opener


Cheap, cheerful, and always on hand to pop open a (root)beer? What's not to like about this tough little anodized aluminum accessory from Timbuk2. The strong velcro strap will clasp right onto your bag, lightening the load on your keychain and ensuring you will never be caught in the park with a cold, un-crackable beverage.

Blue tufted upholstered armchair by West Elm

Chester Tufted Upholstered Chair


We love this update on the ultimate male seating, the Chesterfield. It has the heavy, classic lines but this version incorporates a more squared-off shape, and West Elm gives you so many fabric options.

Modern White end table

Small Tablo Table


Calling frequent movers: In under five minutes, you can unscrew Tablo’s three ash-wood legs and pack the pieces into a narrow box.

blue and gray fabric Aro chair by Capdell

Aro Chair

Valencia designer Carlos Tiscar makes joints a virtue in his perfectly round, barrel-shaped molded woo and fabric Aro chair by Capdell, a Valencia manufacturer. Aro's elegant wood legs contrast with taut, invisibly attached upholstery.

patterned Nurbs rug by Alfombras Veo Veo

Piramide Rugs

Alfombras Veo Veo in Alicante produces high-quality wool, silk, linen, and cotton rugs composed of triangular or cross-shaped components called Nurbs. They are sewn together to form custom Mosaico, Pyramide, and Puzzle rugs. Patterns are inspired by Arab mosaics and ceramic tiles.

modern bike accessories

Monty Roll Top Messenger Bag


San Francisco–based Mission Workshop sells this weatherproof bag in custom combinations of five fabric colors and five buckle colors. Easy-access pockets ensure you’ll stay organized, and the roll top accommodates oddly sized loads. We love that it’s made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.

blomus era clock1

Era Wall Clock


Blomus's Era wall clock is essentially a pretty face—and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

keep cup

Reusable KeepCup


Keep drinks at hand and disposable cups out of landfills by toting along this vessel for your morning coffee or tea.

Koeda plant Shears by Kozo

Maruashi Koeda Shears

Giving delicate plants the Edward Scissorhands treatment with your safety shears simply won’t work. Prune limp leaves, snip wilted blooms, and keep plants prim with this hardy iron ikebana implement.


blue Jambo rug by Madeline Weinrub

Jambo Rug


Weinrib’s reversible flatweave carpets, like this one inspired by African prints, are hand-woven in India from natural cotton. 

F/K/A Lamp by Jonah Takagi for Mattermade

F/K/A Lamp


Pros: An attractive energy-efficient lamp on the market! An LED bulb illuminates
the F/K/A.

The design is pleasantly eccentric: The pull is reminiscent of a vintage library light, and a colorful cord snakes through one of the legs.

The brass plating is a beacon for fingerprints and scratches. Opt for the powder-coated version instead.

The opaque steel shade channels light directly downward—fine for a desk or as an accent, but don’t expect beams to reach every dark corner.

fireplace, grill, outdoor

Mangiafuoco Fireplace

Anyone fond of putting flame to food will appreciate the appeal of this fire eater. Pile wood up high for a roaring fire or place the accompanying grill over the kindling and throw some steaks on it.

Martini Table1

Martini Table

No, it's not an oversize, upturned barbell, but yes, this molded plastic table is just as indestructible.

Paddo Umbrella

Paddo Umbrella

Blazing sun is splendid until you’re sweating bullets and turning red. Let this polyester Paddo shield you from the raging rays.


Hot-Pot BBQ

Store-bought herbs are fine, but you know what’s better? Seasoning your chicken thighs with rosemary grown atop this nifty terra-cotta-and-steel twofer.

urban picnic box

Urban Picnic Box


Don't just dispose of this alfresco fine-dining set—Boxsal offers a completely compostable spread.

Planter seats by Offect.

Green Pedestals

Thin legs, thick foliage, and an entirely Swedish take on the indoor planter: Stick a cover on top and this prime place for greens becomes a sweet spot for rear ends.


Hexmat Trivet


This 100-percent wool felt trivet is an attractive array of interlocking triangles. In addition to protecting your prized pieces of furniture from hot kettles or casseroles, it also champions a noble cause: The Hexmat is handmade as part of a job-creation program for homeless women in Portland, Oregon.

umbra wisniewski alan suspend clock

Suspend Clock


We can't cop to knowing how the heck this walnut clock face hovers, seemingly without support, inside its domed glass cover. But we will admit it caught our eye and we can't stop thinking about how cool it would look on a mantle, making every time check a mystifying experience.

CB2 Firefly Pendant

Firefly Pendant


Each iron Firefly fixture from CB2 comes with five glass shades which would look great lined up above the dining table or kitchen countertop, or illuminating the living room. 

Ball Wide-Mouth Pint Jars made in Indiana.

Ball Wide-Mouth Pint Jars


Before you got into urban homesteading, before you were drinking obscure Vermont microbrews out of them at the off-campus co-op, even before your grandmother started keeping her leftovers in them, Ball’s Mason jars were a near perfect example of food storage.

RD eggcoutrements Egg Mikal Harrsen


This is a decorative eggcup, which is available in 4 different colors, black, white, blue, and purple.




Never get confused about the date with this bold, oversize perpetual calendar that features moveable headers and chemical-free paper. Just one quick motion is all it takes to stay ahead of that pesky sand in the hourglass.

oscar diaz penpal



Keep your desktop writing implements neat and tidy with this silicone holder available in red, black, and white.

The Foliage Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell

Foliage Sofa

Spanish-born designer Patricia Urquiola designed the Foliage sofa for Italian furniture brand Kartell.

studio desk bluelounge

Studio Desk


The Studio Desk by BlueLounge holds the simple solution for much of your desktop clutter. A secret compartment within the desk houses all the cords, plugs, and the like that typically manage to snake their way around the stapler and through the task lamp. Not only do we love the BlueLounge’s clean lines and simple white desktop (with a removable black mat), but we’re enamored with just how cleverly the elongated slot at the back corals our cables, gives us space for a power strip, and then sends but a single cord down to an awaiting outlet. 

Ikea Black Trollsta Tray Table

Trollsta Tray Table


The Trollstra injects a dose of Dorothy Draper–meets Scandinavian design into the end table genre; the classical turned legs are topped with a clever, removable tray.

powder-coated-aluminum Travira armchair by Oxford Garden

Travira Armchair


This one weathers sun and storm with graceful pride. Its teak slats will fade silvery gray to match its powder-coated-aluminum frame.

Sort of Coal Kuro Cube

Kuro Cube


Oftentimes, a cardboard box of baking soda in the refrigerator just doesn’t seem to be doing enough to eliminate smells. Cue in this neat little guy. The Kuro Cube is a combination of oak and organically produced powdered white charcoal, both crafted in Korea. It efficiently gets rid of pesky odors that linger in your fridge, but can also be used as a purifier for other closed-off spaces, such as closets and drawers. And it gets better—Kuro can be used as a fertilizer once its first life is through.

matte black shade Table light by Iacoli & McAllister

Table Light


Pros: It’s short and squat, but this lamp's stubby looks—matte black shade, oiled oak legs, and aqua cord—grew on us. Changing bulbs is a breeze—just reach in from the top. The design also accommodates LEDs, which are often awkwardly sized. Just keep ’em at 75 watts or under.

Cons: This was our favorite lamp of the group. Too bad it takes four weeks to get. Each one is made by hand in Iacoli & McAllister’s two-person Seattle studio

TMA headphones By KiBiSi for Aiaiai: Earbuds may suffice for an inconspicuous (ahem) Coldplay (ahem) session on your morning commute, but these minimalist jet-black, DJ-friendly headphones will leave you—and possibly everyone else on your bus—wi

TMA Headphones


Earbuds may suffice for an inconspicuous (ahem) Coldplay (ahem) session on your morning commute, but these minimalist jet-black, DJ-friendly headphones will leave you—and possibly everyone else on your bus—with no choice but to conspicuously nod and bob in time with your dubstep, grimestep, or 2-step playlist.

Carousel table by Pauline Deltour for Kvadrat

Carousel Table

Paris-based Deltour was a designer and project leader at Konstantin Grcic’s office in Munich for three years before branching out on her own in 2010. Current clients include Alessi, Tacchini, Muji, Bree, and the city of Munich. Deltour designed this low table with a revolving bookrack to display bound ephemera in polychromatic fabric compartments.

Contre Console by Caroline Gomez

Contre Console


Caroline Gomez’s range of unfussy furniture pieces keeps a tight focus on natural materials: wood, ceramic, leather, and cloth. The beech Contre collection (French for “against”) does just that: leans on a wall, requiring only two legs for support instead of four.

Willow planter by Louise Hederström for Nola

Willow Planter


Based in Malmö, Sweden, Louise Hederström has a cheerful aesthetic derived from a wide array of sources, from the sheet metal she often uses (inspired by the tractors on her childhood farm) to her product names, many of them homages to Elvis Presley. This multifaceted planter is fitted with “branch” pots that can grow a variety of flora in one go. Add a wooden top in oak or birch for a ready-made seat.

Brown sullivan leather gloves

Deerskin Garden Gloves


Goods that get better with age are a testament to workmanship. These hardy leather utility gloves by Sullivan, which has been making them by hand since 1941, exemplify that ideal.  

modern bike accessories

Perch Rack


Requiring just two screws, Perch is simple to mount. The bent-ply piece holds up to 50 pounds, but our 30-pound bike put the shelf under duress. It didn’t come crashing down, but we’d be nervous using it in a house with youngsters who love to climb things.

utility collective whale organizer

Wood Whale


Organizational accessories are on our collective brains these days, perhaps due to the fact that our desks look more like the aftermath of an F5 tornado than workstations. Enter the Wood Whale, a clever pencil/letter/phone holder handcrafted in Michigan from reclaimed timbers.

Graviti Zone Rugs starry night

Starry Night Rug

Though she started her career as an Industrial engineer, a move from Spain to New York prompted Mónica Ibáñez to trade autos for interiors. She took inspiration from her travels to design the latest collection for Graviti Zone Rugs, the company she founded in 2008, and Starry Night made its debut at ICFF this year.

Evans Table by Room & Board made in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Evans Table


The clean lines and warm finish make the Evans table a good fit for trads, mods, and those who can’t make up their minds. The family-run metal fabricator Bell Manufacturing makes the steel bases; the process of machining, grinding, hand-welding, and painting takes about a day to complete. Room & Board then assembles the tops and bases.

alarm clock app technology innovative areaware

Areaware Alarm Clock


If you are like us, you probably have a tendency to check email or Facebook on your iPhone before you settle in for the night. Also, your iPhone probably doubles as your alarm clock. This alarm dock is the ideal bedside companion piece. The dock is made of sustainably harvested new-growth beech wood and is a modern nod to those faux wood grain casings we remember all too well. Download the free Areaware AlarmDock Clock app on your iPhone (available on iTunes App Store). Early morning has never looked so bright!

the hot seat design report the gentleman front

Lightwood Chair

There are few finer chairs than those produced by Japanese maker Maruni, whose levels of craftsmanship and woodworking technology are hard to top. Morrison again offers an update of the archetypal cafe chair, but these beauties will do equally well in any home.


vitra suita dark blue

Suita Sofa


The modular Suita Sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio in collaboration with Vitra, is almost endlessly customizable. Choose from components including one armed seats, two armed seats, a chaise shape, a desk/tray/shelf along the back, headrests, and ottomans to create the perfect design for your space—be it a sprawling sectional for a spacious loft or a compact couch for a small apartment.

modern green product made from wool felt

Wobowl SoftBowl


Requireing less than one-tenth of the energy required to product its ceramic counterpart, this 100-percent wool felt bowl is an attractive accessory to stash your odds and ends.

Plus Salt and Pepper Grinder


This salt and pepper grinder, designed by Norway Says for Muuto, is available in white, black, and natural beech wood, but our favorite is this playful multi-colored version. The stacked components reflect their use; the widest piece indicates where you grip the grinding mechanism; the tall section shows where the pepper and salt is stored.

cutting boards

Artisan Cutting Boards


Presentation is a big slice of the pie when it comes to entertaining. These handcrafted cutting boards made from Vermont maple are ideal for charcuterie or cheese trays—and will look just as good on their own, long after the food is gone.

poketo color dipped mug

Color Dipped Mug


We believe having a favorite mug will cut down on the dishes you do. Yup! If there's a certain cup that makes your heart sing when you're sipping then you're more likely to rinse it out and use it again, as opposed to reaching for another one (and another one and another one) in the cupboard. These primary colored porcelain beauts certainly fit the bill. Put the kettle on!

Artala Can


Joshua Davis brings his signature color-by-numbers aesthetic to the world of trash-can design with this three-gallon beaut from Umbra. You'll be looking for more things to throw away just to spend time with it.

Petal Clock


Designed by George Nelson in the late 1950s, the Petal Clock has been re-released by Vitra.

Off The Wall pots Thelermont Hupton

Off the Wall Mini Flowerpots


If you don't have much floor or table space for plants, these colorful cubes would allow you to introduce some easy (and low maintenance) greens into your home; The powder-coated steel pots project at an angle from the wall, and are just the right size for a small succulent. Or, if you're not into growing, one would be perfect by the front door as a place to drop your keys. Available in the US at the brilliant A Plus R Store.

adams angela curvy doormat

Curvy Doormat


It's the last line of defense before guests track their tennies through the house but despite its heavy duty duties, there's no reason your doormat shouldn't reflect the good taste your friends will find inside. Angela Adams designed this coconut husk rug with water-based paint, and it would actually work just as well inside—in the kitchen, maybe?—as on your stoop.

kula trivet

Kula Trivet


Icelandic textile designer Bryndis Bolladottir's "Kula" trivets are handmade of local felted wool and will lend a craft-y, DIY-y feel to any tabletop—along with a soft, tactile feel.

wintercheck shot cups 3

Nesting Steel Shot Cups


Sometimes you don't need room for ice or mixer or a little umbrella in your drink. When those sometimes come around, bust out these badass shot cups from Brooklyn's Wintercheck Factory and treat yourself to a sip—or gulp—of something good. There are three fine finishes to choose from, then all you've got to do is pick your poison.

 If you like what you see, click through to vote for Wintercheck Factory in America's Favorite Small Business contest (sponsored by Dell and MasterCard)!

David Mellor Design Odeon Cutlery

Odeon Cutlery


Can the shape of a spoon enhance your enjoyment of a home-cooked meal? Cutlery maestro David Mellor's modern Odeon collection is a classic set of stainless steel pieces, sure to make eating in a simple pleasure worth savoring. Available in the US through Heath Ceramics or via David Mellor Design in the UK.

Rasymatto cereal bowl Marimekko

Räsymatto Cereal Bowl


The bold graphics of this cereal bowl are sure to brighten any morning. Use it for meals or as a small fruit bowl. We love that its good looks are balanced by practicality: Räysmatto is dishwasher-, oven-, and microwave-safe.

unconventional everyday objects for the home

Bendino Lamp


If typical shades have you down, this powder coated steel lamp lets lightbulbs stand out. We say screw in a bulb with an artful filament.

clever paperclip thumb drives

Data Clip USB Stick

The lastest in the things-that-masquerade-as-other-things brigade is this USB stick from Japanese design firm Nendo. We have a habit of misplacing our regular thumb drives and this pipsqueak of a paperclip is even more likely to face that fate, but it's an interesting concept none the less.

Muji Cardboard Speakers

Cardboard Speakers


These brilliant little cardboard speakers from Muji are super portable when flat packed, and full of sound when put together. They'd be perfect for traveling or a picnic, simply follow the folds to make them square, plug in your iPod (or Zune), and you can listen to Slick Rick, the French Kicks, or Cheap Trick in a box.

jonathan adler claude dresser

Claude Dresser


The special edition Claude dresser marries two of the 1970s favorite colors, avocado green and mustard yellow, with a rich walnut frame. This blast from the mid-century past and can add a retro touch to contemporary spaces. Isn't it great that we can choose trends of the decade to keep in our homes (funky, chunky furniture) and leave others (disco and bellbottoms) behind?

Colored Spanish Pottery by Bauer Pottery

Spanish Flowerpots


These pots in 15 different colors can be emblazoned with a logo or, if an insignia isn’t your style, left plain. Bauer’s line of ceramics extends from the kitchen to the living room to the garden, which makes coordinating pieces a breeze.  

products and furniture dining table gesa hansen

Dining Table

Dining tables serve a pretty fundamental function—–a place to consume our peas and carrots. But what if the meat and potatoes of your table occur beneath the flat surface? The latest from Hansen Family offers functional intrigue in the form of a pair of colorful compartments hidden under two solid oak panels—–which themselves are backed with slate—–allowing you a spot to stash your salt and pepper and rest your hot pots on.

Keith Moore wallclock

Splat Green Bamboo Modern Wall Clock


This is a green and graphic piece created by Minneapolis–based graphic designer Keith Moore of pilotdesign. It's constructed of bamboo laminate atop MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a shaped cutout pattern backed in white . Arrives packed in corn starch-based, biodegradable peanuts.
Dimensions: 10" dia. x 1.25"

Diva Watering Can by Eero Aamio

Diva Watering Can


Modern housewares manufacturer Alessi teamed up with Finnish designer Eero Aarnio to create the Diva, a curvaceous green, black, or white watering can that looks as good as it is handy. 

products and furniture on deck chair X36 by ignacio lejarcegiu santos1

Chair X36


The fold-up yellow pine slats bring economical log-cabin charm to the deck, mixing an Adiorondak's bulk with monobloc mobility.

soap dispenser blue

Penguin Soap Dispenser


It seems there are lots of specialty shops popping up lately that offer a chance to buy household supplies, especially of the environmentally-fiendly ilk—cleansers, shampoos, and such—in bulk. It's a nice idea to reduce the amount of packaging you'd regularly go through purchasing individual dispensers, and this bright Penguin from Umbra would make a nice home for your soapy refills.

belleville coat hanger frederic gooris diamanti domeniconi

Belleville Coat Hanger

If you love the nightlife and nothing sets your heart on fire like the sight of a silhouetted skyline, you don’t have to leave it all behind when you head home at the end of the evening: Just hang your hat on one of Belleville’s beautiful buildings.

Cayoutte Francis Heima Candlestick Normann Copenhagen1

Heima Candlestick


Dimming the bright overheads and lighting a few candles at the dinner table is a sure way to take the edge off of a harried day. The understated shape of designer Francis Cayouette's cast iron centerpiece will allow the four wax flames you choose truly shine, and you'll be relaxed before you have to blow them out and go to bed. Heima is available in the US from Zinc Details.

Rhombins desk organizer

Rhombins Organizer


Keep desktop clutter under control with these modular organizers manufactured in Petaluma, California. This compartmentalized vessel can serve as a makeshift pot while also holding writing implements in its other half.

viesso buden platform bed

Buden Bed


Made from bamboo, it’s as functional as it is beautiful. The base runs flush with the mattress, and the wide headboard provides usable surface. The headboard and base also have built-in drawers and open storage. Available in four different bamboo colors. Queen size is 98" long x 60" wide x 21" high.

modern wood coat hook

MyHomes Coat Hooks


We've all heard the saying "everything in it's place," but if that's more like a pipe dream than a motto, UK-based manufacturer Kukka released this series of wall hooks that might help keep your space spic and span. Made from maple and finished with linseed oil, this trio would be a whimsical addition to a hallway, bathroom, or bedroom, but would be extra apt for kids' quarters.

Mirror leather raw from Stanley Ruiz

Raw Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the rawest of them all? Designer Stanley Ruiz cut this birch plywood piece to expose the unique grain of the wood, while a leather strap suspends it from the wall. Smile!

jackson cube eastvold custom woodworks

Jackson Cube Night Stand


Eastvold Furniture's Jackson Collection, features bed, dresser, and this beautifully simple Cube. The Minnesota-based design studio does wonders with walnut—here with beveled edges and exposed ply—and this piece can sit on the floor, or be mounted on the wall, either way offering easy access to your books and other nighttime necessities.

trubridge swish lampshade pendant lamp

Swish Lampshade

Wavelike strips of bamboo plywood, layered over a frosted polycarbonate body, define this 2009 piece by designer David Trubridge. It's available in a pendant or a table lamp.

smart and energy-saving thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat


Rather than carelessly cranking up the heat, train Nest to learn your temperature preferences. The clever ther­mostat tracks usage, offering tips on how to save energy and money.

george nelson star clock Vitra

George Nelson Star Clock


Travel back in time to 1955 with this bronze and chrome clock by mid-century design legend George Nelson. The diameter of the Star clock reaches 24"—be sure to reserve for roomier walls.

paperweight letter opener

Letter Opener and Paperweight


Our Stone Age ancestors used flint as a primitive tool and today, more than 700,000 years later, French designer Ora-Ïto looked to this artifact to influence his elegant letter opener and paperweight.

oops table monica graffeo kristalia

Oops Table


Just as your belt buckle expands for the holidays, so does the Oops, Monica Graffeo's version of the old-fashioned leaf table. The round design, made of fiberboard with a veneer of stained oak, pulls apart to reveal a hidden tray that contains two leaves. Whether you're having a feast for a menage a treize or leftovers for two, the Oops always appears to be kicking up its heels.

Dwell Reports The Dots Tveit Tornoe

The Dots


An artfully—or inartfully—mounted set of these smooth, simple ash or oak speckles makes for a compelling graphic combination of form and function. The oversize drawer pulls come in a three-size set of five, suited to house the headgear of an entire Village People.

Don’t even think about finding a place for your keys on these dots. They’re strictly for coats and scarves. We tossed a leather jacket on and could plainly see the circular edge through the fabric. These might leave rings around your collars.

REK wooden coffee table by Reinier de Jong

REK Coffee Table


Whether you’re serving morning coffee for two or a pizza party for a gaggle of friends, this coffee table does triple duty by expanding its square inches with surfaces that tuck away when not in use.

mangas puf

Mangas Pouff MP2


We've been enamored of Patricia Urquiola's multi-knit Mangas since they were introduced as a series of rugs in Milan last year. This "pouff" takes those colorful, chunky designs and stuffs them, making more to love for the unique designs.

kohler kitchen sink poise K3389

Poise Kitchen Sink


An undercounter double-basin sink boasts a nine-inch depth—nice and roomy for stockpiing dirty dishes when you're not quite ready to end the dinner party, but want to make room for dessert.

The Viking Designer Series Range made in Mississippi.

Viking Designer Series Range


Viking keeps its manufacturing lean by only building what’s already been sold, and the manufacturing process is equally refined. From start to finish, the average Designer Series range takes about six hours to complete in Viking’s Mississippi factories.


Decafe Lighting

Designed by Raul Lauri and debuted at the 2012 Salone, these lamps bring new life to a common waste item: coffee grounds. "The aim is to give a second life to coffee grounds as a biodegradable and renewable material," writes Lauri on his site. His concept nabbed a coveted Satellite award this year, and we can't wait to see if they go into production.

cherner chair metal base stool two

Metal Base Stool


Cherner metal base stools are available in bar and counter heights. Perfect for the home or demanding hospitality environments. Available with or without upholstered pads. Metal Base Stools have a molded plywood shell of graduated thickness with a bright chrome base. Made in the U.S.A.

Wobble Labs Dec Jan08



Subtly playful, these plump shakers rock gently back and forth when tipped. A weighted base keeps each glass balanced, ensuring they never fall over.

bless this desk dwell reports tanis desk

Tanis Desk

Pros: The combination of black lacquered steel, walnut veneer, and black laminate (or, for a price bump, Corian) lends this reissue of a 1950s classic a luxurious feel, as do the self-closing drawer gliders. It’s almost too chic for a home office­—unless you live on the set of Mad Men.
Cons: When closed, the double-decker drawers appear to be two different sizes, but it’s a front: Upon opening, they’re revealed to be equally puny, just over two inches deep. In the digital age, have roomy drawers gone the way of the eight-track?
Walnut side table by IZM

Darwinizm Side Table

It's rare to see a side table that isn't strewn with at least a few choice copies of a favorite monthly mag or the latest page-turner. If, however, a tidy tabletop is more your style, then Darwinizm has a special slot to slide your reading material. The near-cube comes in solid walnut or white oak, and is available from Propellor Modern.



allumette atelier oi rothlisberger sofa

Allumette Sofa

Don’t be deceived: The filigreed frame of this sofa only looks delicate, like a loosely assembled collection of matchsticks. Designed by Swiss design firm Atelier Oï, the geometric structure is made of arura vermelho, an extra-hard Amazonian timber. The Allumette series also features dining table, chair, and armchair.

cherner chair oval table walnut

Oval Table


Introduced in 2003, Cherner Oval tables are designed to compliment Cherner seating. Perfect in a formal or informal setting, the tables are strong, stabile and lightweight. The Oval Cherner Table is 84” long and can seat 6-8. Made in the U.S.A

Rook Lamp by Blu Dot

Rook Lamp


Pros: The linen shade and the chunky walnut base channel a mid-century vibe while bringing it up to date. You can also tilt the base to balance on one leg. Two lamps in one!

The cord reaches a length of 80 inches—handy if your outlets are few or far between.

Cons: When poised on a single leg, the Rook is a bit unstable.

Rook takes up a lot of space, both in height and width, and would domineer small bedside tables or desks. Reserve for roomier perches.

POD SCP Ulrik stool by Alex Hellum

Ulrik Stool


This pert perch by Alex Hellum takes the silhouette of a classic stool and tweaks it, just a bit, folding the seat up and ever so slightly around your posterior.


Modern red alarm clock by Jasper Morrison for Punkt.

AC 01 Alarm Clock


Jasper Morrison hits another home run with this alarm clock available in red, black or white. Though we're known to hit the snooze button over and over again, we wouldn't mind being roused by this looker. There's also a special edition of the AC 01, whose proceeds help benefit people living in Maeami, a fishing village in the Tōhoku region of Japan, which was swept away by the March 2011 tsunami.

times of newyork candle

The Times of New York Candle

Realizing one of Wong’s final concepts, Lepage’s contribution converts the tactile nature of print into an altogether different sense. This scented candle was designed to capture the musky spirit of the Gray Lady.

Snoopy lamp by Achille Castiglioni for Flos

Snoopy Lamp

Pros: Is it a Goomba from Super Mario Bros.? A strange breed of mushroom? Castiglioni’s striking 1967 marble, glass, and metal design is a surefire conversation starter.

It’s versatile: Focused light emanates below, while the holes in its top disperse a gentle glow.

Cons: The Snoopy's finicky touch-sensitive three-way dimmer is difficult to master. When we tried to dim the light, a gentle tap often sent us into the dark. Our frustrations were enough to warrant a Clapper.

pendant lamp david trubridge 2

Coral Pendant

David Trubridge first created this fixture in 2004, using untreated hoop pine plywood pieces that snap together. It's now available in recyclable polypropylene.

bamboo Moolin lamps by Lasfera


Up-and-coming Beijing studio, Lasfera, designed the Moolin lamps using a traditional Chinese method of heating and bending recyclable bamboo strips

gabion table benjamin hubert

Gabion Table


We've long been fans of gabions—those rock filled cages usually used for civil engineering purposes. They've made their way into high-design buildings (thanks, Herzog + de Meuron) and now they've become part of furniture design thanks to Britain's Benjamin Hubert. He introduced this table—which boasts an ash top and granite ballast to keep it stable—at the 2011 London Design Festival, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner.

girard arabeuae pillows

Girard Arabesque Pillows


Back in the 1950s and 1960s, there was no bigger name in fabric design than Alexander Girard, who beginning in 1952 held a twenty year tenure as director of design for Herman Miller's textile division. This pattern, recently reissued by Design Within Reach, is originally from 1954, but looks just as fresh today as it did then.

colorful Easy Chair by Jerszy Seymour for Magis

Easy Chair


Light and comfortable, Easy's curves look great even when the chairs are stacked in a colorful tower.

neutra numbers red white

Neutra House Numbers


Sausalito-based ceramics company Heath together with type foundry House Industries recently released these eye-catching address plates, emblazoned with fonts designed by Richard Neutra and Charles and Ray Eames.

yellow Ply side table by Ronan Copia of Axthor

Ply Side Table

The angular two-legged Ply side table by Ronan Copia, founder of Valencia-based outdoor furniture company Axthor, is made of heavy-gauge powder-coated steel—a departure from the company's repertoire of welded aluminum, polyurethane fabric, and polyethylene-panel rectilinear furniture.

Maya pendant lamp by Mermelada Estudio for Almerich

Maya Pendant Lamp

Maya, a modular Mermelada Estudio design, is a hexagonal, powder-coated, folded-steel pendant lamp that can be used alone or in a cluster to form a honeycomb of light. Almerich, based in Valencia, produces them in six colors.

Blue and Yellow hanging planters by Wallter.

Hanging Planters


Transform all earthbound flora into veritable air plants with these powder-coated, spun-aluminum, pill-shaped planters. They screw directly into any vertical surface or hang from above.

naledi tables thumbnail

Naledi Tables

The telephone table may have gone the way of the carrier pigeon, but the Naledi side table, patterned with a multihued selection of Botswanan telephone wires, offers a charmingly literal new take on the fading genre.

mormor gry fager normann copenhagen ceramic

Mormor Dishware


Evoking the spirit of a classic kitchen with a pattern inspired by culinary textiles, Mormor consists of a series of ceramic plates, bowls, cups, buttering boards, eggcups, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, and a decanter. The pieces are available in blue and an all-white ribbed pattern.


Leros MC Table

Though the Leros coffee table is available au naturel, we prefer the colorful geometric web created by leather laces stretched across the chrome-plated stainless steel frame.

Modern wooden LED table lamp

Silva Table Lamp


An LED bulb shines brightly in this table lamp handmade in Laguna Beach, California. A variety of material and finish combinations are available, including Baltic birch, oiled walnut, and dark-stained walnut for the base; beech, ebony, and linen for the shade.

modern walnut console with orange lacquer

Palm Springs Series Console

1950s Palm Springs was the jumping off point for this walnut console. While we dig the throwback to the atomic era, the low-VOC water-based lacquer and eco-friendly MDF used in this American-made piece are all laudable traits, too. 

Sustainable bamboo magazine rack and organizer

Unit 1


L.A.'s Kalon studios hit a home run with this minimalist organizer. Fit to sit atop a desk, or act as a freestanding piece, this unit is crafted from bamboo, finished with non-toxic wood oils, and produced domestically.

level bookcase arik levy zanotta

Level Bookcase

Primary colors and black lines put Piet Mondrian into history and onto the grid. Arik Levy’s Level bookcase gives green a go and yellow the boot, though it still evokes the Dutch de Stijlist’s rigid compositions.

flow pitchers eq3

Flow Pitchers

If leaning forward is a nonverbal way of expressing desire and intent, then these ceramic
pitchers from EQ3 want nothing more than to pour, pour, pour. Forget the ebb, these funky
flagons were designed to Flow.

torch light slvain willenz established

Torch Light


Fancy yourself a flower arranger but can't keep a blossom in bloom? Target your talents at the Torch Light. Available as a single stem or in bunches, the simple design lets you create your own luminous bouquet.

enchord desk industrial facility herman miller

Enchord Desk

Pros: The Enchord packs a double whammy­—it’s both the biggest and most flexible desk we reviewed. There’s no defined front or back, so it can float in the middle of a room, with people working on both sides. The lower surface hides wires and papers and juts out an additional 14 inches: the ideal place to prop a printer or break for snacks.
Cons: Its strength is also its weakness: You need a lot of square footage to fit this bad boy into your life. And if you push it against a wall you lose half your storage since there’s a center divider running through the interior.


chair patty johnson mabeo

Maun Windsor Chair

Made by female workers in Botswana, where Mabeo is based, and under economically and environmentally sustainable conditions, this colorful new line of crafted furniture by Patty Johnson is designed to please.

Bright, geodesic cocoon chair

Tropicalia Cocoon


When these conceptual cocoons appeared at the Milan Furniture Fair, they seemed like Toltec-scaled artifacts hauled back from an exploratory voyage deep into the uncharted head-waters of Urquiola’s creative flow—elegantly minimal geodesic forms wrapped in an explosion of color, pattern, and texture. Year's later, the remote tropical jungle outpost of Urquiola’s ingenuity remains unscathed.

half time clock goodd

Half-Time Clock


This battery-powered timepiece has one of the hottest centerfolds we’ve seen in a while.

tamawa lock coatrack

Lock Coatrack

Bakelite is back. It's the ball that binds the three ash wood poles into a tripod stand for your hat and coat.

Hang On by Jade Barnes-Richardson for Normann Copenhagen

Hang On


Wall hooks are generally used to clear visual clutter, but this clever play on our disorderly closets is quite charming. Mommie Dearest said, “No wire hangers, ever!” but we have to disagree. With edges and corners galore, this vertical pile is a perfect catchall.

This messy mass would not do much for a neatnik’s peace of mind. It’s not the most sophisticated structure and might be most appropriate in the kids’ room rather than the entryway.

kaiku Push Pull

Push Pull Rolling Toy


It's tough to remember all the way back when our only possessions were playthings, and everything we owned could be carted around the house with pride. Scot and Amy Herbst of Kaiku designed the Push Pull for all the little modernists out there, and their parents who know that kids' toys can be good-looking and built to last.

products and furniture big bounce lamp

Big Bounce Lamp


Jonah Takagi translated his experience in set design to this industrial product; the “bounce” in question is a reflection and diffusion technique used for filming.

howkapow lean man then orange

Leaning Man Side Table


A two-legged side table? A two-legged side table! As sturdy as its four-footed friends, this box leans flush against the wall, ready to keep your books, bits, bobs, and tchochkes close at hand. Available for purchase from Howkapow, a webshop well-worth a browse (lots of fun stuff!).

Tip Ton Chair by Barber Osgerby for Vitra

Tip Ton Chair

From start to finish, Tip Ton—made for use in educational environments—saw nearly 100 prototypes before its patented forward tilt was perfected. “We knew what the problems were but weren’t yet aware of the solutions,” says designer Edward Barber.

audrey vessels1

Audrey Vessels

Despite their prickly, pineapple-like exterior, these vessels are soft to the touch. Handmade from felted 100 percent wool in Portland, Oregon, they’re better suited to housing a selection of dried bramble bushes than a stem of tuberose.

my life usb thumb1

My Life USB

Like a spy pen that doubles as a stealthy camera, these ceramic charm necklaces do unsuspecting double duty as data-carrying thumb drives.

Circus, 3 Shelves by Stephen Burks for Mattermade made in Brooklyn, New York

Circus, 3 Shelves

At Mattermade, nothing is more important than capturing the exact specifics of a design, which means that the best results are achieved without the use of machines. An actual person bends and welds the steel cages that support the Circus shelves, and the rift-cut, Forest Stewardship Coucil–certified oak is also finished by hand. Here, production methods never alter a design; instead they steadfastly serve it.

spindkle stool

Spindle Stool

The Spindle stool—made from Andiroba wood—was turned on a lathe traditionally used for making lamps in Barbados. Part of Love, Freedom, Flow, the debut collection from the New Caribbean Design initiative pairs indigenous designers and craft manufacturers to support and modernize the artisan trade.

infinity rug thumbanil

Infinity Throw

By skillfully playing with the patchwork style and color blocks of traditional quilts, husband-and-wife duo Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle create one-of-a-kind throws that are more Palm Springs post-and-beam than Little House on the Prairie.

branch floor lamp 1

Branch Floor Lamp

If Mother Nature were a modernist, she might make trees not with gnarled, knobby roots but with slim trunks and bentwood branches. Brass shades and a bold color palette complete the polished pastiche.

ceramic clock model 2 and 3 george nelson clocks

Ceramic Clock Model No. 2 and No. 3


George Nelson might be best known for his Ball clock, but our man of the hour also designed a series of ceramic desk pieces in the early 1950s that never made it into production—until now.

eiko egg cups authentics vessel measuring cups

Eiko Egg Cups


Boiling an egg to perfection is a trick many have tried, but few have mastered. Eiko makes it easy for everyone to get their whites-and-yolks just the way they like them. The polycarbonate pieces hang directly over the edge of a pot of boiling water for easy preparation, and are heat and scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

Dishes by Hella Jongerius for Royal Tichelaar


Hella Jongerius designed this beautiful seven-part porcelain dinner service set for Royal Tichelaar Makkum, a Dutch company that has been producing ceramics for over four centuries. Each piece in the collection is unique, with very slight glaze distinctions.

Cheese knives

La Via Lattea Cheese Knives


Attention turophiles! Specially designed to slice through your favorite hard and soft cheeses, this set of knives for Alessi will make serving goudas, bries, and manchegos a breeze. The collection comes in a thick cotton case with a guide to cutting—and tasting—the you-know-what.

Iris Table by Barber Osgerby for Established & Sons

Iris Table

This limited-edition piece for Established & Sons allowed the duo to start their process where it normally ends, with color composition. Precise machinery translated layouts of anodized color chips into the glass-topped coffee table.

enamel vessels tom dixon containers

Enamel Vessels

Like the Stooges, bears, and wise men before them, Tom Dixon’s enamel vessels—Trio, Quad, and Pentad—join the ranks of illustrious threesomes. The cast-iron containers can rest naturally on any of their flat facets.

Orange offcut stool byTom Dixon.

Offcut Stool

Some poisonous insects and traffic cones employ fluorescent orange to great effect as a not-so-subtle warning to keep clear. For the Offcut stool, however, the eye-popping color is an open invitation to have a seat.

ogle lamps  crop

Ogle Pendant Lamp

Any amateur dramatist can live in the spotlight. Form Us With Love’s Ogle pendant casts a soft LED beam on your domestic soundstage, setting the scene for the story of your life.

organic Terracotta Pendant lamp by Hand & Eye Studio

Terracotta Pendants


Tactile and organic, these handmade pendants combine the neutral tones of kiln-fired terra-cotta with a shiny, white porcelain glaze.

Copper lamp 10 KG by Tobias Seiber and Samuel Treindl

Copper Lamp 10Kg

Both sturdy and whimsical, the copper lamp is a tongue-in-cheek way to collect a full ten kilograms of metal deposits as a long-term investment.

SHY Light chandelier by Bec Brittain for Matter

SHY Light


This spare, modular chandelier's thin LED tubes define its 1970s throwback vibe.

Stoneware hanging planters

Wall Hanging Cubes


These hanging stoneware vases are made by Christina Nickerson of Olmay Home, a company dedicated to supporting local artisans and craftsmen. The vessels have homespun sensibility about them that we love, plus would work equally well as an indoor tillandsia holder or outdoor birdfeeder.

colorful trolley storage cabinets Jan en Randoald for Labt

Trolley Filing Cabinet


A graphic design duo from Ghent rigged up a modular filing system that circles back to their print work: Some components of the rolling trolley are printed with patterned veneers while others are left in their natural plywood state.

cage steel baskets hello industry

Cage Steel Baskets

The busted plastic laundry basket has been given a sleek new identity as a powder-coated steel bin. If your dirty clothes more often find themselves on the floor, keep your favortie mugs or daily paper in these black, sky blue, or white containers.

series 28 37 pendant light bocci

Series 28.37

Though it looks like a topsy-turvy bouquet of bubbles, this chandelier's 37 individual bulbs were made with molten glass, not soap and water.

Modern sectional sofa with multi-colored cushions.

Montage Sofa

We'd hazard a guess that Quebecois shepherd's pie - Pate Chinois, the name of the collection by Domison - isn't the first thing that comes to mind when viewing the Montage sofa. The hearty recipe, however, provided tasty inspiration for the designers' mix-and-match of modular arms and backrests. colorful slipcover options, and customizable base.

spin recharge mark

Spin/Recharge Table

Oh, what a tangled web of cords we weave. This steel-topped, wooden-legged side table seeks to tidy up our cables, offering a specially designed slot on top for all our digital accoutrements.

3-legged blue stool by Scott, Rich, and Victoria.

No. 3 Stool

The three legs of this steel stool span the seas from England to New Zealand, a cross-continental collaboration between the Brit and Kiwi designers behind Scott, Rich, and Victoria.

land carpet usa thumb1

Landcarpet USA

This 100 percent New Zealand wool rug gives you the stunning plane’s eye view of America’s cultivated heartland that usually only accompanies a $7 snack box and—of course—a window seat.

studio mumbai tablecloth thumb1

Mumbai Tablecloths


Take a tabletop exploration of India with these hand-printed linen covers. Inspired by the designer’s own travels, the bold graphics can transform even your blandest casserole into a lively saag gosht.

modern spice grinder

Bottle Grinder


In terms of designs for the kitchen, salt and pepper grinders and shakers always seem to catch our eye. This set by Norm Architects' Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Ronn for Menu is especially smart, with a ceramic body and wooden top. But it gets better: this grinder isn't limited to just salt and pepper. The designers made it extra strong to accommodate the adventurous chef. "We wanted to take a big step away from the predictable salt and pepper thinking and instead encourage people to experiment with spices, kernels, seeds and all the other modern kitchen ingredients," says Bjerre-Poulsen.

products and furniture knee high to a budget DLM side table by hay1

DLM Side Table


The DLM table by Thomas Bentzen for HAY is an acronym for "Don't Leave Me," a reference to the carrying handle that makes it easy to move around.

areal table chairs blue

Areal Bench and Table

The Scandinavians sure know how to do outdoor furniture—and do it right. Case in point, Nola's powder-coated and laser-cut outdoor Areal table, which boasts a pattern inspired by a bird's eye view of topography. Though attractive in and of itself, the shadows cast by the perforations in the surface add a dappled pattern to the surrounding area for an ever-changing decorative effect. We're sold.

cb2 hitch stool

Hitch Marigold Stool


It's bright! It's versatile! It's affordable! We tried to think of a space where this handy little stool wouldn't fit, and that was a mighty tough task. Use Hitch as a bedside table, dining table seating, a step stool, footrest, or kids' room accessory.

bender lamp blu dot

Bender Table Lamp


Blu Dot hits another home run with this utterly simple, yet irresistably delightful table lamp. We're fans of the white version, which plays a muted backdrop to its rich red cord, but it's also available in black on black if a monochromatic look is more your style.

Geo Low Table by Arik Levy

Geo Low Tables

An oldie, but goodie from Arik Levy, the Geo Low table is available in three sizes. Arrange an archipelago, or leave solo. We love that this design comes in a powder-coated aluminum version for outdoors, or a more classic wood finish for interiors.

donna wilson hofdi blanket

Hofdi Mini Blanket

The blustery winter weather we've been experiencing has us itching for cozy knits to help keep us warm. Made from 100 percent lambswool, this Icelandic-patterned mini blanket by Scottish design maven Donna Wilson is just what the season ordered.

modern perpetual calendars

Cubes Perpetual Calendar


A plastic rendition of classic wooden blocks, Cubes makes a splashy desktop addition. Its petite size keeps its bright colors from overtaking your workspace.

Bodum juicer

Bistro Citrus Juicer by Bodum


Who doesn't like to wake up to breakfast in bed with a fresh glass of juice? Available in six flashy shades, it's a great gift (not to mention subtle hint) to your significant other (or roommate!). My favorite? The lime green.

krenit bowls top

Krenit Bowl


When the enameled steel Krenit bowl was first released in the 1950s, its designer Herbert Krenchel said, “The idea was to make a beautiful bowl, preferably so functional and delicate that it was equally suited for use in the kitchen, on the dining table and as a decoration in the sitting room.” Production ceased in 1966, but Normann Copenhagen recently reissued the versatile design in white, black, turquoise, purple, green, and red.

Genois beanbag chair by Dvelas

Genois Beanbags


Dvelas, a company founded by Pamplona architect Enrique Kahle and his partners, graphic designer Arraitz Koch, architect Esperanza Kahle, and sail-maker Borja Fuentes, created this beach-worthy Genois beanbag made of used sails. The designers use names from sailing parlance, sail-making techniques, and even wood or aluminum armatures, grommets, and cords like those used in sailboats.

industrial furniture pieces

Spring Stool

Give the wooden seat of the Spring stool from Osher's debut collection a twist as you would the head of a screw, and its height adjusts accordingly.

throw in the dowell design report klara low tables

Klara Low Tables

Klara Low Tables are wooden tables with a simple, linear style, harmonious in its curved yet essential shape.

Products and Furniture Florinda Chair

Florinda Chair

Mother Nature’s finest beech meets man-made plastic in this stackable seat that makes the most of both materials’ properties.

industrial furniture pieces

Clamp Lamp


Made from an everyday industrial clamp threaded through with a stainless steel rod and aluminum shade, Clamp Lamp, by newcomers Plant and Moss, can be affixed nearly anywhere. It was a highlight of the excellent Tramshed show in the East End.

forking light by adam xander design

Forking Light


Adding a spun aluminum shade to and bulb to this pitchfork prototype we saw at the TENT London show takes it from fully functional in the farmyard to a perfect fit for the foyer.

modern sustainable funky wallpaper

Zig Zag Wallpaper


Papering your walls with the paths and trees of Zig Zag is like decorating with large-scale works of art. Each roll is handscreened, giving the pattern a personal touch.

Branching Bubbles by Lindsey Adelman made in New York, New York.

Branching Bubbles

Like organic Capsela constructions hovering over the dining table, Lindsey Adelman’s Branching Bubbles chandeliers have a Brooklyn-born brand of industrial expressionism. The one-off quality of the handblown globes and rigor of the handmade arms express Adelman’s marriage of wabi-sabi and modernist tendencies.

Racer Rocker by Eric Pfeiffer for Loll made in Duluth, Minnesota.

Racer Rocker


Made using 288 recycled plastic milk jugs, the Racer rocker zips down the fast lane of sustainable design. Reuse is a big part of Loll’s production ethos: All its products are made at the Hawks Boots Sustainable Manufacturing Facility, which for nearly 80 years prior to Loll’s purchase was a concrete plant that made culverts, burial vaults, pilings, and the like.

modern red shower caddy

Shower Caddy Octopus


No need to dive 20,000 leagues into the briny deep to find this clever little cephalopod-inspired caddy. Yes, it plays into our love of the oceanic and the nautical, but the fact that the red, black, chartreuse, or blue design carries up to nine shower accoutrements to keep our bathroom nice and tidy was what really won us over.

American Modern Dishes by Russell Wright for Bauer Pottery made in Los Angeles, California.

American Modern Dishes


A bellwether in America’s shift in taste toward modern design, potter and artist Russel Wright’s 1937 American Modern line of dishes and tableware has all the clean, expressive warmth you’d want on the dining table. And yes, that even goes for the creamer.

uhuru warcraft coffee table2

War Craft Coffee Table

When painted large on the exterior of a warship, the black-and-white stripes on this low table “dazzle” and confuse the eye of the enemy. Uhuru used teak from the deck of an authentic World War II vessel to create a collection inspired by the material’s storied nautical past.

jupiter scrap lights 2

Jupiter Scrap Lights


The duo behind Graypants studio are often found scouring Seattle’s streets for unblemished cardboard boxes—–the material that provides the structure for their signature fixtures. Laser-cut and fire-resistant, the corrugated orb pendants are upcycled odes to responsible design.

theyre grrrrcic design report tom and waver chair

Waver Chair

Konstantin Grcic set out to “deliberately use nonconventional armchair typology,” turning to high-performance sporting equipment like that used in windsurfing for inspiration instead for the Waver Chair.

Golden Orchard Tray - a birch veneer tray in a leaf pattern from New House Textiles.

Golden Orchard Tray


Breakfast in bed? If you're lucky! Trays make it easy to take bacon and eggs, Cap'n Crunch, or pancakes from the kitchen to the boudoir in style. This birch veneer surface is heat-treated and will easily transport your early meals around the house.

throw in the dowell design report spectra sofa

Spectra Sofa

Spectra has a wooden frame, with its cushions covered in a solid ash colored material. The sofa comes with 5 loose cushions in different colour

bodum bean french press

Bean French Press


If you can't live without a caffeine fix in the morning, consider swapping your daily paper cup'o'joe with a homemade brew. Bodum's Bean French Press serves up 32 ounces of hot java to get you going, a spill-proof lid to keep your counters clean, and five color options to match your kitchen decor. Sit and sip in the breakfast nook, or pour into a commuter mug and you're on your way.

trudeau balancing utensils2

Balancing Kitchen Utensils


Perform a cool culinary balancing act with these silicone spoons and spatulas. Their notched handles rest on the rim of your hot pot or pan, allowing you to taste, stir, and taste again without dribbling spaghetti sauce across the kitchen floor.

Tab Light by Barber Osgerby for Flos

Tab Light

Quite plainly, the sexiest task light you will ever see. The space between the single fold houses the halogen (or LED) bulbs, while the eponymous tab at the base of the shade enables a redirection of rays.

Bob armchair by Hella Jongerius for Kettal

Bob Armchair

Designer Hella Jongerius delights in often unexpected combinations and contrasts of material choices. As such, it's no surprise that the Dutch master craftswoman complimented this aluminum-and-polyester seat with yarn wound around the armrests.

hakkens dave your own mug

Your Big Tea Mug


Love your products. It's the motto that drives Dutch designer Dave Hakken, and it's an ethos we can completely and totally get behind. This oversized ceramic mug is handmade, then handpainted by Lieke, and can be personalized with an illustration of your choosing. This is just the kind of extra special day-to-day items that can really brighten your day, just by the simple act of housing your morning English breakfast. Check out Dave's site for a cool series of behind the scenes pics from the process of making a mug.

Racer Sidecar Table1

Racer Sidecar Table


Would you believe this sleek side table started out as a pile of milk jugs? Postconsumer, industrial high-density polyethylene looks so much better when it's holding your lemonade, not holed up in a landfill.

neko watch

Neko Watch


SANAA is well known for its concrete architectural comissions, but the small-scale medium of polyurethane seems to suit its minimalist tendencies just fine, as evidenced by this new line of cheery timepieces.

borin sweden watering can1

Indoor Watering Can


Gravity gets this can flowing—hold the silicone tube down to water and up to stop—and magnets conveniently hold the hose in place for storage.

L.U.M. Lamp

Brooklyn-based design studio Um Project had a great booth at this year's ICFF, eye-catching with a wall of the signature Milking Stools. We really liked the look of these new L.U.M. lamps, with their mix of metal, wood, and a touch of soft color to further complement the combo. A peek inside the drum shade reveals a trio of dimmable edison bulbs and a round wood knob (not pictured) to adjust your illumination needs.

studio gorm milk bottle lamp5

Milk Bottle Lamp

A favorite find from ICFF was Studio Gorm's Milk Bottle lamps. The Eugene, Oregon-based studio creates the hand-blown pendants with either one shade, or a unique shade-within-a-shade design, some of which have a subtle white 'twisted cane' pattern. We particularly like the pieces with the small wooden accent at their base.

Bow Bin


We're all for upcycling, especially when a product's new incarnation gives it a dynamic aesthetic that just didn't exist before. By combining reclaimed plastic bins and expertly wrapped rattan, these containers—produced in the Philippines, under fair trade conditions—add a bit of handcrafted flair and visual intrigue to an otherwise standard basket.

all lovely stuff happy chopper

Happy Chopper


Slicing onions getting you down? Let this jolly beech wood board from merry olde England cheer you up while you chop. From the fittingly-named All Lovely Things, it's nigh impossible not to crack a smile when you see his simple, simply happy face.

cheer up glass tumbler

Cheer Up Glass


It's tough to argue with this tumbler, which practically demands that you pour a splash of fresh OJ (or make it a screwdriver if the time is right), sit back, sip, and smile. It's from Fish's Eddy—a New York dishware shop we'd visit as often as possible if we lived anywhere near the east coast—which thankfully has an extensive online shop with such glassware gems as Brooklyn, Heroes of the Torah, Strip Tea, and Floral Juice. Great for gifts, collect 'em all, drink up, and enjoy!

massaud jean marie carmel poliform

Carmel Chair

Behold, a seat as smooth—and enticing—as its namesake. Jean-Marie Massaud's Carmel chair for Poliform appears to melt into itself, with a few deep creases that make up the overstuffed arms and back. It's a beaut.

Spring Collection 20111

Parchment Post Subscription


Sending lovely notes is great. Receiving lovely little notes is even better. So imagine our joy upon discovering Parchment Post, a subscription service that allows you to do both! Founder Jamie Ambabo was blown away by the amount of awesome paper goods she came across when scouting for wedding invitiations, and decided to start the company to promote pen-palling with primo stationery sourced from all over. Sign up for a six-month or one-year subscription, and you'll start receiving parcels of six hand-selected, hand-made cards every three months in the mail. Brilliant!

California Teether Toy


How exactly does the Golden State taste? Let your toddler test it out with this sanded Maple teether toy in the shape of the California. A tree is planted with every purchase, making it a nice little treat for your baby and the environment.

poketo leather upcycled passport case

Upcycled Leather Passport Case


Oh boy oh boy do we love this new collection of upcycled goods from Poketo. Using primo leather salvaged from loved-no-more sofas, the artsy LA brand—partnering with a non-profit design firm in South Korea—has put together a series of passport cases, card casesbutton wallets, pouches, and (our favorite of the lot) clutches, Even better? Each one is unique! You get a little grab-bag thrill with every order. Super good stuff.

House Blackboard


We are all for finding as many places as possible to jot down notes, doodles, and very important flashes of brilliance (it's likely that we wouldn't remember anything if it isn't written somewhere). This chalkboard home by James Shaw would work well in the kitchen for grocery lists, little reminders, or exhausting phone call scribbles, and comes from our new favorite browsable online shop, Cow&Co.

strike wall clock

Strike Wall Clock


Reclaimed materials are all the rage, but how many upcycled products can boast a past life in the bowling alley? CounterEvolution works with wood that used to line the lanes, and the result is a unique  collection of furniture, and products made from the extra scraps and bits left over in production. We like the look of this abstract Strike clock, and there's a lot more to choose from on the site.

converse marimekko jack purcell

Jack Purcell / Marimekko Sneaker


Full disclosure: We own a pair of these beauts made by Converse, with a fine Finnish pattern by material maestros Marimekko. Fuller disclosure: They. Are. SO. Awesome. Stylish sneakers abound these days, but you can't get a better combo than these two big brands. Plus, they come in a special matching cinch bag! Come on, it's just too good. (Fullest disclosure: Our grade-school self would be quite pleased to know that we were still rocking the low-tops.)

droog nl architects strap all

Wall Straps


For those of us whose organizational strategy falls under the "if I can't see it, I won't find it" heading, these silicone straps from NL Architects and Dutch design collective Droog will help keep your small essentials in view at all times. Attach the bands to a wall, then tuck your shoes, keys, and book for the work commute in between the rubber, reducing frantic morning searches to a minimum.


bauer la dog bowl

Shallow Dog Bowl


This Product of the Day goes out to our furry-friend-adoring managing editor, Michele Posner, and her lovely pup, Gracie. As both a pet lover and ceramics afficionado, MP is the first person we thought of when laying eyes on this water bowl from Bauer. It says DOG, plain and simple, and we love it.

stretch debra folz


If Aunt May had her way, Peter Parker might sling cotton around the house intead of webs across the city, resulting in these softly sweatered oak shelves.

bakker gijs dishmop sponge droog

Dishmop Sponge


Washing up is rarely as enjoyable as the eating that precedes it, which makes us appreciate simple cleaning tools that somehow manage to bring a little levity to the sudsy process. Dutch industrial designer Gijs Bakker made the Dishmop for Droog (the company he co-founded in 1993), and using it is not unlike taking tongs the serving dish to sneak the last meatball. Simply grasp the round sponge between the ends of the steel utensil, secure, and start scrubbing.

Capuchine Decanter


Designed in SoHo but hand-thrown in Peru, this brown clay decanter is part of Jonathan Adler's Capuchine collection, which also includes four additional vessels in varying shapes and stripes.

jambox thumb1



We’ve had it with cords tethering our tunes. And despite a boombox’s street cred, our cassette collection ended with the Traveling Wilburys. Enter this Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, eminently portable loudspeaker that need not be handled with care.

Ripple Sand Clock


If you live in San Francisco and feel like browsing a wonderland of Japanese design gifties, a trip to New People—a three-story shop, gallery, and underground movie theaters—is in order (we stopped by this weekend and were pretty taken with pretty much everything in the store). If you're not in SF, they've got an extensive online shop, with paper goods, books, toys, and loads more, like these glass Ripple Sand Clocks by IDEA International. We like 'em a lot.

the heated get awesome tote

Get Awesome Tote


It has been a long week. Let us all go forth into the weekend with this bold rallying cry: "Get Awesome!" We can do it! So let's do it! Let's all get awesome and have some fun. For your future very cool endeavors, let this organic canvas tote from San Francisco's own The Heated carry the tools of your radness, be it knitting needles, pen and paper, sketchbook.... anything goes.

POD Brave Space Design Hollow End table

Hollow End Table


How handy to have a hollow end table, where magazines, books, and papers can live comfortably and conveniently right there when you need and want them. Brooklyn-based Brave Space Design has made this bamboo beauty that will make your living room a little cooler, and a lot more tidy. Double duty, everybody wins!

donkey products airplane childs spoon

Airplane Spoon


You can make all the propeller noises in the world to encourage your tot to eat, but ultimately a spoon is a spoon is a spoon as it travels from baby food to baby mouth. Unless, of course, said spoon has an actual mini airplane affixed to the handle. Oh. Yes. Mealtime just got real.


rite in the rain all weather journal

All-Weather Journal


Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep your brilliant ideas from being recorded in this ingenious all-weather journal. The patented paper substrate used allows you to write in the elements without compromising with soggy pages, so if you're trekking through the Amazon or merely an urban explorer, this seems like a handy resource to have along on your travels.



Pancake Franks Letterpress Box set

Letterpress Box Set


How handy to have an all-occasion stash of notes to send for special events, or simply when inspiration strikes. Stacy Pancake, of San Francisco’s very own Pancake & Franks, has put together a fantastic box-set of 30 letterpress greetings that should last you through the year. What a great collection to keep in touch with pals!

Soup Sandwich Tray Uncommon Goods

Soup and Sandwich Tray


We Go Together is yet another fun example of dishware that unites classic food duos (see also: the much-loved dunk mug). This ceramic tray makes a single serving soup-and-sammy combo easily transported from kitchen counter to sofa (or dining room table), no precarious plate-and-bowl balancing act required.

Donna Wilson Make Your Own Monster Kit

Make Your Own Monster Kit


Scottish textile designer extraordinaire Donna Wilson does some pretty wonderful things with wool. Her site has a selection of blankets and little plush toys, along with this great Make Your Own Monster kit, which features a creature form, stuffing, and sew-on accessories.

Kikkerland Pin hole Solargraphy Camera

Pin-hole Solargraphy Camera


Digital film has dramatically changed the point-and-shoot strategy, as there's not so much riding on every pic when you can take them ad infinitum. When's the last time you actually held a 4x6 glossy in your hand, though? It's been a while, and we love the idea of abandoning the instagram effects, putting together this pinhole camera, and taking our time taking out pics for a little change of pace.

Room Divider 2

Yes, this walnut room divider will provide a place to stow books, records, and three drawers for littler tchotchkes, and it would definitely work in the middle of a room to break up the space, or in a hallway corridor, or an office. But what makes it truly unique is the handcrafted detailing; Lean in and take a closer look at the all-wood joinery, and you'll see why this console—made in Seattle from salvaged logs sourced in Oregon—is something truly special.

P.S. I Love You Card


Could there be a sweeter post-script? We doubt it. Have a listen to the dulcet tones of young Paul and Co. while dreaming of your darling and writing a little love note, courtesy of the brilliant Brooklynites Enormous Champion.





indego africa wine bags

Indego Africa Wine Bag


Wine is a go-to for gifting, and we are all for adding a little something extra to your two-buck-Chuck. These Dutch wax cloth bags are beautiful and come with a bit of history, too; They're hand-sewn in Rwanda by a cooperative of women artisans who receive all profits for their efforts, which go towards continuing to teach skills that will help them earn a living wage. The Indego Africa site has more goods to offer, so click on through for a browse.

return to me tote

Customizable Tote Bag


It's amazing what a little embroidery thread can do. Return to Me originally came to our attention with a cool customizable necklace, and now that same DIY spirit is applied to this handy cotton canvas tote. Pick a pattern, choose a color, and make a plain sack into something truly unique. Comes with everything you need to get going: bag, floss, needle, embroidery hoop, and directions. Huzzah for hands-on projects!

adler jonathan buenos aires placemat

Buenos Aires Placemat


Because a few dinnertime spills are inevitable, frame your food with a festive mat befitting the tasty meal you're about to enjoy. We love the circular pattern and pops of earthy color that Jonathan Adler—Mr. Happy Chic himself—designed.

amenity coat rack 2

Muir Wall Coat Rack


Well isn't this clever! Rather than toss your coat on the sofa and mail on the coffee table, here's an all-purpose rack that will take care of all your in-and-out-the-door accoutrement. Made from reclaimed Douglas Fir, it could take the place of a hallway console, freeing up space and clearing up clutter.

Wooden Button Set ReForm School

Wooden Button Set


Billie and Tootie, the lovely owners of Silverlake’s ReForm School, have gathered together buttons from artisans around the world into this perfect little set. They come together in a little pouch, and would make awesome embellishments on a canvas bag, sweater, or displayed in a small bowl at home.


Make Your Mark Print


There's no better sentiment than one boldly encouraging you to realize your greatness, and there's no time like the present to hit the world with your best shot. Fire away!

lipault paris flight 001

Lipault 22" Trolley


It took one quick look at this suitcase to know we were in deep with a very hot case of luggage lust: Because we will never, ever check bags during air travel again, and this nylon roller will fit any overhead compartment; Because, when home again, this baby scrunches practically flat; Because it's a steal at $165; Because you can get it in grey, red (!), purple (!!), and a very kicky electric blue (!!!). It's damn near perfect, period. Available in the US at hip globetrotter central, Flight 001.

Eames Orange Print


We might actually be one of the few Dwell staffers, readers, or random passersby who does not own some kind of incarnation of an Eames chair. We do, however, hold out hope that somehow, some way, someday, our shell will come. In the meantime, we are huge fans of Eric Rewitzer's Mid-Century Modern series of linocuts as a means of expressing our love for the iconic seats we covet. These orange-inked prints come matted and framed at a bargain price, and if you're so inclined we encourage you to click around the 3 Fish Studios site, which has lots of fantastic artwork for sale.

black blum bento

Bento Box


We own one of these Bentos from Black + Blum and find it quite satisfying loading our lunch into it in the morning. The top secures completely shut, preventing any unwanted spills in the commuter bag, and the little divider allows for two different types of food to come along for the ride. Add in a fork (with its own little holster) and.... is it freaking time to eat yet?

petit collage fabric alphabet letters 1

Fabric Alphabet Decals


Got something to say? Spell it out: on the wall, on your books, on your backpack, wherever the heck you feel like. The lovely Lorena Siminovich creatied these adhesive decals out of fabric, and the reusable letters won't lose their stickum no matter how many times you peel and press.

Aluminum Magazine Rack


When we first spotted this magazine rack at a local SF shop, stock was limited and editors almost came to blows deciding who would be lucky enough to take one home. Its accordion-like folds can expand and contract, depending on how many back-issues you're hanging onto, and the simple style would complement pretty much any kind of decor. Plus, the price is right. It's a keeper.

April 5, 2009


Dwell Editor

Poketo is a designer of limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor. Founded by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo promotes the work of top international artists through accessible art objects: wallets, apparel, stationery, housewares, design objects, prints, and more. Through functional, design-driven wares, Poketo takes art off of gallery walls and makes them part of your everyday life. Poketo products are available internationally in fine boutiques, museums, and

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public school poster

Keep These in Mind Prints


Today's lesson comes from Public School, a design collective out of Austin, Texas: "Fridays are a good day to sit in a corner or a bar and think about what you've done." We assume it's all good things, naturally, and we'd recommend your local dive as opposed to the naughty seat, but either way it's not a bad idea to reflect on the week that was. This print is one of a series of sayings you should definitely keep in mind.

Modular book shelf by CB2.

Wall Bookshelf


Well, this is nice. Red isn't really a part of our current domestic color scheme, but somehow this bright bookshelf seems like it would work in spite—or because—of its bold hue. The powder-coated steel frame could stand up against oversized hardbacks, magazine backissues, record collections, or any number of combinations of knicks, knacks, bits and bobs, and for those without the floor space it can also be wall-mounted.

Power Poles Triptych


There was lots (and lots and lots and lots) of great stuff to be seen at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in San Francisco this weekend. We caught sight of Dave Marcoullier's wood routings on the first pass of the first aisle we walked down, and are still thinking about how cool they were. The San Francisco artist-and-arborist uses unique hardwoods to create his one-of-a-kind CNC panels.

senz original umbrealla ameico

Senz Original Umbrella


Not a day has gone by in San Francisco lately where we haven't been caught in the cold and wet—from mist to out-and-out apocalyptic downpour—without an umbrella. And the only thing worse than being brolly-less is having a wimpy little one that can hardly handle a gentle breeze. Were we walking down muddy, puddled streets with the Senz original opened above us, at least we'd be sure it had our back.

bird mafia bear pillow

Bear Plush


Another something that we coveted from the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend was this small pillow of fauna with a flora-like coat. The cotton/hemp blend grizzly bear would look right at home hibernating amongst some colorful throws on the wilds of your living room sofa, or snuggling in on a side chair.

host brew kit

Double Brew Kit


For hosts who prefer strange brews to mixed drinks, this DIY kit lets them make their own suds.

kirchner mimi garden lady pillow doll

Garden Lady Pillow Doll


We were unfamiliar with Mimi Kirchner's fantastic work until yesterday (hat tip for the hot tip to our pals at Chroma Lab!), but wow. What great stuff! The fiber artist's collection of hand-made dolls is stunning. We're particularly fond of this Fox Boy and the fabulously outfitted Garden Lady.




hay pinocchio rug

Pinocchio Rug


We cannot tell a lie.... We love, love, love this rug. It's almost to impossible to believe that each mini sphere was hand-felted and individually strung, but that too is the gosh-honest truth. It's just about as cheerful a floor covering as you could possibly find.