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Double Life

Live/work is a theme that has resonated with us throughout our ten-year history, and we always delight in featuring spaces that do double duty. Inspired by this issue’s foray into the topic, we combed through our archives to find a few old favorites. From artists’ spaces to ergonomic chairs evaluated by the late designer Bill Stumpf, our series of articles and offerings delve a little deeper into the idea.

miro weiss house family room portrait

A House Grows in Brooklyn

While most people living in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn didn’t see much to love about an abandoned, weedy lot squeezed between two old town houses, one couple couldn’t help but see it as an opportunity to finally build their own home

mariposa residence courtyard

Houses of the Holy

For men of the cloth, architecture has always been one earthly delight they've been encouraged to indulge. In Arizona, DeBartolo Architects continues the tradition in a rather unorthodox manner.

tolstrup house living space portrait 1

A Mama's Touch

Nina Tolstrup, the Danish furniture and product designer, who works under the name Studiomama, has been carving herself an enviable reputation in the UK.

weiner residence portrait at desk

Village People

Amidst the pedestrian-friendly maze of leafy streets in New York City’s West Village, LOT-EK, a firm whose designs focus on the creative reuse of industrial materials, inserted a gut-renovated and intensely colorful new home—getting a facade embedded with truck beds past the heritage commission along the way.

space living astronaut suit portrait

Space Living: Astro Home

You’ve known you were destined to dwell in outer space ever since you first saw The Jetsons. So, how do you do that? Your new home will be the International Space Station (ISS), the only place in space that is known to be habitable. So far, the crews of the ISS have included pilots, engineers, scientists, and a few eccentric tech-zillionaire tourists. However, serious people are working hard on cheaper civilian rockets, and the station briefly had 13 people aboard it this year, the biggest space crowd ever. It’s not a fantasy: The place is as real as Poughkeepsie.

weinstein loft living room

A Mid-Century Manhattan Loft

When you're running a company out of your home, you'd better hope you've got the space to keep everything in its place. Luckily, that's not a concern for Bob Weinstein.

kii arens portrait  0

Artist Kii Arens: Live/Work Studio

While researching affordable Pop Art for Dwell last month I came across the art of Kii Arens. He designs the posters for the shows at The Hollywood Bowl and I was smitten by the images he created for Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Liza Minnelli, and Devo. I reached out to Kii and we began working on a series of lithographs he's creating that will be available through fabulis, where I am Creative Director. I will undoubtedly share those screenprints here at Dwell once they return from the printers.

While in Los Angeles for work last week I visited Kii at his studio in Hollywood. It was a very special couple of hours. We laughed, listened to his music (he's a gifted musician), and worked on our project. I pulled out my camera and started snapping images of his live/work space, which includes a recording studio with a wraparound staircase that his father, an inventor at 3M, built in the 70s. It was sensory overload: color everywhere, art everywhere, rock and roll everywhere. Surrounded by his art, his collections, and his musical instruments, he and his dogs live a true Los Angeles lifestyle, laid back and fun. He creates for a living, and his joy for life is evident in his art.