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Desk Clearing

Efficiency and productivity begin with the workstation. Some people prefer to stand and rove around unfettered, while others like to face the wall and use precious little horizontal space. Then there are those who champion piles and stacks—–citizens who claim to have methods to their madness but to outsiders appear to be drowning in papery detritus.

DC Deli Office Renovation

While reporting one of our feature stories in the September issue, I became pals with the owners and residents at Taylor Gourmet, the H St. NE deli we featured. David Mazza and Casey Patten did a proper renovation of their space, with their apartments up top and their top-drawer deli down below. We've kept in touch and just last week David sent me these images of their office, the only spot which hadn't gotten the full renovation treatment when I visited in March.

home office 101 desk

101 Home Office

Work is work, but working from home is better, especially if you have the right setup.

Step into My Office

A sign of the times? French designer Paul Coudamy's offices for the advertising firm Beast are made entirely from corrugated cardboard. Coudamy's solution to the agency's small budget and tight timeline was to cut, glue, and tape the 4cm-thick cardboard sheets into 20 workspaces and "confessional" meeting rooms, with silver photo umbrellas used to diffuse the overhead lighting.

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101 Office

Buried in TPS reports? Somebody take your red stapler? Don't let The Man get you down--our inclusive review of office environments and accessories will have you whistling while you work.

home office 101 baravalle horse stall office

A Stable Office Environment

Giorgio Baravalle originally had a true home office—a space inside his house in Millbrook, New York, that was meant to be a private place to work, but instead served as a traffic circle in the midst of family life.

home office 101 chen cabinet

Space-Efficient Renovation in New York

“A strategy of extreme density was required,” says Michael Chen of Normal Projects, 
who along with partner Kari Anderson handled the renovation of this Upper West Side apartment.