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The Bathroom Reinvented

Exploring everything from conceptual ideas about waterless toilets to just what it takes to integrate a greywater system into a residence, Dwell leads the conversation online about the future of bathroom design.

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The Bathroom Reinvented

Industrial designer and London–based Dwell contributor Virginia Gardiner shares the ins and outs of her low-cost, low-tech concept for a waterless toilet system.

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The Bathroom Reinvented: Hyphae

Ecologist Brent Bucknum, principal of Hyphae Design Lab in Oakland, California, shares the ABC's of re-routing a home's waste water (greywater) to sustainably irrigate gardens and other green space

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Universal Design: Public Restrooms

In the first video of a two-part series, New York–based firm Smart Design examines the intersection between Universal Design principles and the limitations of public bathrooms.

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Universal Design: Public Bathrooms

For the second offering of our two-part series on Universal Design, the folks from Smart head over to some public restrooms in New York, illustrating how principles outlined in the